Chancellor’s Interdisciplinary Collaboratories

Chancellor’s Interdisciplinary Collaboratories. This call is to fund new projects being conducted between January 1st, 2018 – December 31st, 2018.

Applications are due to the Graduate Fellowship Advisor ( in the Graduate Division by 4:00pm on Monday, September 25th, 2017.

Good luck!

Jeanine Sun Kolinko

Graduate Program Manager

UC San Diego Chemistry & Biochemistry | (858)822-6014 |

On behalf of the chancellor’s office, Dean Pogliano is pleased to announce the Chancellor’s Interdisciplinary Collaboratories: An Opportunity for Funding for Faculty and Student Collaborations.  This call is for funding for new projects to be conducted from January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018.

The Chancellor will fund small interdisciplinary groups of faculty willing to form a collaboratory to supervise the research of 3 to 5 graduate, undergraduate or professional students for one year. A second year of funding is possible but not automatic; awardees will need to submit a progress report one month before end of the project period. The funding will support full or partial fellowships for the jointly supported students.

The aim is to encourage faculty and students from different disciplines to work together as they develop preliminary results sufficient to support applications for extramural funding.


Faculty collaborators (3-5 PIs):

  • must be from at least two divisions and three departments.
  • must be eligible to chair doctoral committees may apply for the Collaboratories program.

Supported students (3-5):

  • must be enrolled in at least two different departments (although not necessarily the same departments as the faculty members)
  • must have completed one academic year at UC San Diego in their program
    • incoming students are not eligible
    • if a student graduates from UCSD and will be continuing in a graduate program in the fall, they are not eligible to participate until the following year
  • must have a GPA of 3.00
  • must be in good academic standing and making expected progress towards a degree.

Application Requirements:

All application materials should be sent in a single PDF. Application instructions are below:

  1. Filled application, can be downloaded on the Graduate Division website and it also attached to this email
    1. List of 3 to 5 cooperating faculty, along with departmental affiliations
    2. List of 3 to 5 students to be supported, along with department affiliations, PIDs, and current GPA at the time of application
  2. A CV for each faculty and student participant listed (2 pg. max per person)
  3. A jointly written abstract (less than 100 words)
  4. Proposal with title, description of the work to be undertaken (2 pg max, including references) in 12-point typeface
  5. A first-year budget indicating the academic quarters for which support is requested and the proposed fellowship value (not to exceed $15,000 per graduate student and $7,500 per undergraduate student)
    1. Please note this award is meant to fund student researchers ONLY, funding for new equipment is not an allowable cost under this award
  6. Signed agreement that the supervising faculty jointly intend to seek outside support for the project to be undertaken by the interdisciplinary group

***Effective March 1, 2010, no individual faculty member or student may be named on more than one proposal in any given round.**
Please note that there is a total of $62,500 available for this round of funding.

Submission and Deadlines:

For more information please visit:
Final proposals should be submitted electronically to

by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, September 25th, 2017.

Please email me if you have any questions. Have a great weekend!

Michelle Monroy

Graduate Fellowship Advisor

Graduate Division, UC San Diego

Phone:  (858) 822-2938

Fax: (858) 534-4304

Sign up to be a moderator at the Summer Research Conference

Dear Graduate Students,

As you may know, the annual UC San Diego Summer Research Conference (SRC) is taking place on Friday, August 18th here on campus.  It’s an opportunity for undergraduate researchers to discuss the research they’ve been doing in recent months.  This year, more than 300 undergraduates representing a wide range of academic disciplines will present their research at the SRC.

With only 10 days to go, we find ourselves in need of moderators for many of the 53 panels that will take place in the morning and afternoon of August 18th.  We initially asked faculty members to volunteer to serve as moderators, and now, still in need of many more moderators, we’ve widened our scope to include non-faculty postdocs and graduate students.

I’m writing to ask if you’d like to serve as a moderator of one of the panels at the SRC.   The topics of the various panels are listed below, as are the time slots during which they will take place; if you’d like to moderate one of the panels, please register at the link provided below, and let me ( or Conference Coordinator Jessica Davis ( know which panel you’d like to moderate (I don’t think there’s a way to specify this when you register).

Here is a list of the panels for which we still need moderators:

(the morning panels run from 9 – 11:45 am and the afternoon ones go from 1:00 – 3:45 pm)

Molecular Biology and Regulation (AM)

Bioengineering (AM)

Biomedicine (AM)

Brain Structure, Neuroscience, and Autism (AM)

Chemistry and Biochemistry (AM)

Claiming and Constructing Identity (AM)

Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, and Learning (AM)

Computational and Systems Biology (AM)

Creativity, Emotions, and Perception (AM)

Plant Biology (AM)

Chemistry and Biochemistry II (PM)

Ethnicity and Education (PM)

Heart and Muscle Disease (PM)

Materials Science Engineering (PM)

Metallo-organic Chemistry (PM)

Bioengineering II (PM)

Molecular Biology and Regulation II (PM)

Philosophy (PM)

Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry (PM)

Electrical Engineering: Impacts of Solar Energy and Electric Vehicle Charging (PM)

Politics and Media (PM)

Psychology and Psychiatry (PM)

Cell Biology (PM)

Substance Use and Abuse (PM)

Electrical Engineering: Medical and Research Applications (PM)

Semiconductors and Circuit Technology (PM)

Vision, Eye Gaze, and Image Manipulation (PM)

Please register by Friday, August 11 if you are able and willing to help us out and provide these hard-working undergraduates with a formative experience presenting their research.  Note that you will not be charged a fee to register as a moderator, and that moderators are welcome to join us for lunch from 11:45 – 12:45.

6th John T. and Patricia A. O’Neill Addiction Science Education Award

The Texas Research Society on Alcoholism’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 6th John T. and Patricia A. O’Neill Addiction Science Education Award. Qualified candidates will be graduate, postdoctoral, medical, or dental students, as of the date of the application deadline, who have demonstrated excellence in educating the public, health professionals (e.g., medical faculty and students), treatment professionals, the recovering community, and other non-scientists about the latest addiction science research.   Educational research can be in any area: preclinical (animal), clinical, epidemiological, psychosocial, etc.  The award committee recognizes that it is unusual for young scientists to have an interest in communicating research clearly, especially to non-science audiences, and this will be the prime factor in making an award.

Applications must be submitted online at O’Neill ASE Application by September 4, 2017.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  The award recipient will be notified in October.

Individuals can nominate themselves or others for this education award. Previous nominees are welcome to apply, especially if they have continued to strengthen their addiction science educational activities.

Specifications for this award are outlined in the application submission module and at O’Neill ASE Specifications.

PhRMA Foundation and AHA Pre-doc Fellowships

PhRMA Foundation Pre Doctoral Fellowship in Pharmaceutics – September 1

AHA Pre-doctoral Fellowship – November 1

  • Applications must be submitted on your behalf by the Graduate Division; Grad Div instructions are available here.
  • App is open to US Citizens & international students
  • Award amount: $26,844 – $53,688 over one or two years
  • More information

As always, for more information on fellowship opportunities please check the following resources:

  1. The Chem/Biochem Dept’s External Fellowship Database and Departmental Fellowships
  2. The Fellowship Deadline Calendar
  3. The Graduate Division’s Funding Blog

2017 Southern California Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student

Dear Graduate Students,

We would like to invite you to present your ongoing, basic and translational biomedical research at the 2017 Southern California Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student Symposium, hosted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Friday, October 20. The goal of this symposium is to highlight and celebrate graduate research and to provide the opportunity to foster inter-institutional relations all across Southern California and throughout the state. It is planned by graduate students, for graduate students.

This year we are proud to present our keynote speaker, Brendan D. Manning, PhD. Dr. Manning is a professor of Genetics and Complex Diseases at Harvard University. He is also the director of Harvard University’s PhD Program in Biological Sciences in Public Health. The Manning laboratory studies PI3K-mTOR signaling in cancer, aging, and metabolism. He is also the recipient of the National Cancer Institute’s Outstanding Investigator Award.

The symposium will also feature a Q&A panel with industry experts including Dr. Janine Bilsborough, head of the Cedars-Sinai Drug Discovery and Development and formerly at Amgen, Dr. Laurens Kruideneir, head of GI Immunology at Takeda, and Dr. John Flygare, one of the head scientists at Merck’s new Bay Area site and formerly at Genentech.

We invite all who are participating to share their work and submit an abstract of no more than 500 words as part of their free registration. Masters and PhD students are encouraged to present a poster of their research, and outstanding abstracts will be chosen for oral presentations.  Additionally, cash awards will be given out for best posters and presentations.  For free registration to the symposium and to submit an abstract, please go to and please see the flyer for additional information. The deadline to register has been extended to September 1. Please email with any questions.

Thank you and we hope to see you and your research this year!

9. 2017 SoCal Grad Symposium Flyer

44th Semiannual Biotechnology Vendor Showcase – Aug 24

When:  Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Where: Price Center, EAST Ballroom

Time: 10:00 am   2:30 pm

Stop by the event to:

* Network with other Researchers

* View Product Demonstrations

* Connect with Industry Experts

* Discover New Research Tools

* Learn Troubleshooting Skills

* Hear About Laboratory Services

* Learn about Career Opportunities


Using the right tools for your research saves you time at the bench.


Visit the link below to find

* A list of exhibitors

* Save time by pre-registering on-line!

Strategic Grant Development Workshop – Aug 21-22

Time: 8:30am – 5:00pm

Understand the process of successful grant proposal writing in just two days! You will learn all important facets of the process including  researching the right funding sources to creating a budget and developing other crucial components of a winning proposal.

Register Today!


 Tuition for our Two-Day Grant Writing Workshop is $549 USD per person, with a $25 off discount for early sign-ups (10 business days or more before the workshop).