How To Change Your Nonresident Status Reminder Fall 2012

Here is the link to:  Current Students: Changing Your Residence Status  and instructions are also copied below with detailed guidance so that you can prepare for your application in advance.  Please read this carefully.

Here are the instructions for a continuing UCSD student who wants to change from a nonresident to a resident for tuition purposes:

At least one year before the quarter you are seeking a reclassification, begin the process of becoming a California resident.

  1. Establish a physical presence by living in California for 366 days prior to the first day of instruction you wish to be a resident.
  2. Establish your intent to become a California resident by changing your ties immediately from your previous residence to this state.
  3. Meet one of the financial independence requirements.

Determine your eligibility.

You will not be eligible for a change of classification until:

  • You are an adult over age 18 and a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or eligible visa holder, and
  • You have established all ties to CA one year prior to the RDD (see Residence Determination Dates), and
  • You can meet one of the financial independence requirements, and

Decide from the following choices which quarter you will file your Change of Classification petition and documentation:

  • You don’t have to wait for the 366 days to file.  You can file as early as the first day when filing date starts.
  • Fall Quarter 2012: Submit starting Aug. 1 thru Sept. 7, 2012 deadline Materials must be received in our office by 4:30 p.m. on deadline day
  • Each quarter has a specific filing period. No exception to deadline dates. Students are urged to apply early enough to avoid paying late reg fees.
  • Students are responsible for payment of all fees by the applicable fee payment deadline.

Complete the petition to change your classification to resident status.

  1. Print the Change of Classification petition (PDF), 2. Complete all applicable information, 3. Sign and date the bottom of the form.

Make copies of all 12 applicable documents and submit them in the proper format.

Write an explanation for all missing or late dated documents. Documents must be single-sided; black out social security numbers on any or all documents.  Keep originals for your records.

Verify your physical presence, intent, and financial independence for the past year by providing copies of all 12 of the following:

  1. CA driver’s license or a CA ID card as soon as possible but within a few months of arriving in the state.
  2. Voter registration card/ affidavit from Registrar of Voters call (800) 696-0136, or go online at the County of San Diego’s website.
  3. A copy of the first month’s bank account statement with a CA bank, or a bank statement showing when address was changed to CA.
  4. CA car registration and car insurance card as soon as possible, but within a few months of arriving in the state.
  5. Federal and all state tax returns for the past year, or W2s only if you did not file in any state. Your residency will be questioned if, during the period you are claiming to be a California resident, you file a full-year resident tax return in another state or file a full-year nonresident California state tax return. If you filed a California Part-Year Resident return (Form 540NR), be sure to include your Schedule CA page (540NR). Black out all social security numbers on all tax documents. If you did not keep copies, call Franchise Tax Board for copies of state tax return and the IRS for your federal tax return at least 90 days before you submit your packet.
  6. Evidence of financial independence (you must meet ONE requirement). You:
  • Are financially dependent on a California resident parent who meets the University’s requirements for residence for tuition purposes (eligible to establish residence, one year physical presence showing intent to remain in the state); student would submit the 12 items for the parent(s) claiming to be a resident(s) and for the student his/herself, or
  • Will be at least age 24 by Dec. 31 of the calendar year for which classification is requested (submit copy of driver’s license), or
  • Are a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, or
  • Are a married student who was not claimed as an income tax deduction by either parent or any other individual for the tax year immediately preceding the term for which classification as a resident is requested, or
  • Are a graduate or professional school student who was not claimed as an income tax deduction by either parent or any other individual for the tax year immediately preceding the term for which classification as a resident is requested (submit copies of parents’ federal and state tax returns for the prior tax year), or
  • Are a graduate or professional school student who is employed at the University of California 49 percent or more time (or awarded the equivalent in University-administered funds) during the quarter for which classification as a resident is requested (submit letter from graduate department stating as such), or
  1. Proof of physical presence in California for the summer immediately prior to the change of classification request:
  • Employment verification from CA employer, or from your major department attesting to physical presence in the state, and
  • Either bank or credit card statements, whichever one indicates dates/location activity on them for June, July, and August summer right before classification request. The only statements that can be provided must be in the student’s name only, no joint accts.
  • If absent from the state, provide airline tickets or documentation trail of your physical travel.
  • If on an out-of-state research appointment, provide a letter from your department endorsing your absence.
  • Do not submit store receipts as proof of your physical presence.
  • Summer actions count! A student’s actions during the entire year, including the summer, affect the determination made regarding residence status for tuition purposes. A student who is in California solely for educational purposes is not eligible for California residence for tuition purposes regardless of the length of his or her stay.If a student returns to his or her former place of residence (outside California), he or she will be presumed to be in California solely for educational purposes and only strong evidence to the contrary will rebut this presumption.  A student seeking to establish California residence who accepts employment or conducts research outside of California will be questioned regarding his or her attempts to find employment and/ or conduct research within California. Leaving the state for a unique research opportunity or for special circumstances (such as a medical emergency) may not preclude the student from being classified as a resident, but the burden will be on the student to provide convincing evidence that leaving the state was not inconsistent with his or her claim of permanent residence. See Residence for Tuition Purposes: Temporary Absences.
  1. Copies of all your housing contracts, rental agreements, or mortgage statements for the past year.
  2. Proof of memberships with CA merchants, e.g. stores, supermarkets, video/fitness clubs, public library, and religious affiliations.
  3. Proof of your belongings moved into California such as a moving van bill of lading, U-Haul moving van receipts, etc.
  4. Proof of utilities in your name, e.g. phone, gas, electric, TV, cable, Internet, water, etc. Submit the first and the latest statements only.
  5. If you are a permanent resident through the INS, copy of your alien registration card.

Submit your petition and documentation, and wait for a response. (all single-sided, no two-sided documents) during the dates allowed.

  • Drop off: Registrar’s Office – Attn: Residence Deputy, Student Services Center, 2nd floor (map),8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays.
  • Mail in: UCSD Residence Deputy, Registrar’s Office 0022, SSC, 2nd floor, 9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, CA 92093-0022
  • Wait for an e-mail response from the change of residence deputy within 7 business days.

Note: The student is responsible for submitting all relevant information, requested documentation, written explanations, and clarifications to support an in-state residency request by the deadline. All relevant information, requested documentation, written explanations, and clarifications that you have not submitted prior to the deadline will not be considered or reviewed by the Residence Deputy or on appeal.

Questions? Contact the Residence Deputy via email only at

No other University personnel are authorized to supply information relative to residence requirements for tuition.


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