Clinical Chemistry Fellowship

Clinical Chemistry Fellowship at UCSD


UCSD has an opening for a clinical chemistry fellow at the Center for Advanced Laboratory Medicine for a PhD, MD, or MD/PhD interested in becoming director of a high complexity clinical chemistry laboratory. The primary objective of this program is to train qualified individuals to become certified by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry in chemistry, or toxicological chemistry, and to compete for positions as director or associate directors of medical school or hospital-based clinical chemistry laboratories.  This objective is achieved through training in clinical chemistry, laboratory administration, and research.

This two year program emphasizes a combination of training in classical clinical chemistry (e.g., blood gases, electrolytes, enzymes, proteins, endocrinology, therapeutic drug monitoring) and specialty areas (clinical toxicology and molecular diagnostics). A particular strength of this program will be in the area of toxicology where there are collaborations with the California Poison Control Center and UC San Diego Medical Toxicology Fellowship program. The UC San Diego program will also benefit from the Center for Advanced Laboratory Medicine (CALM), a 90,000 square foot facility that recently opened as a central reference laboratory for the UCSD Healthcare system. At the CALM, fellows will have access to automated chemistry, toxicology, hematology, microbiology, flow cytometry, molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics, and information systems.

Strong background in analytical chemistry required. Salary $49,000 per year. For information regarding the American Board of Clinical Chemistry visit their website (

For more information about the program contact Robert Fitzgerald, Professor of Pathology at

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