Undergraduate Research Opportunity

An undergraduate research opportunity is available in the group of Prof. Mark Thiemens to study interaction of ozone with particle surfaces.

The current work will be based on a laboratory setup to understand how ozone reacts with various surfaces in the presence/ absence of water. This study will have implications for understanding the atmosphere-geosphere of Mars. Stable isotopes are like finger prints of the reaction path ways and help us to identify the reaction mechanism at molecular level.

Students will be introduced to various analytical techniques during this period and are encouraged to develop critical analytical skills required for an independent research. We are seeking highly motivated and ambitious students (preferably senior years) with good understanding of physics/ chemistry principles and willingness to spend time in the lab to ensure progress of their experiments.

Should you require further information, please contact:

Project Scientist: Robina@ucsd.edu 

Prof. Mark H. Thiemens: mthiemens@ucsd.edu

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