UCSD Internal NIH F31 Deadlines

Ph.D. students applying for NIH NRSA F31 and F31 Diversity grants should be aware of the internal deadlines for submission outlined below.

IMPORTANT: Students should also note that the NIH is using a new application form, Form C, for this round of applications.  The NIH will also be issuing new program announcements (replacing PA-11-111 and PA-11-112) for these programs, probably later this week.  Students should wait for the new PAs and new application packages to be available before compiling their application packages.  They should not wait for these announcements to begin working on their applications, though.  They should begin reading the updated Individual Fellowship Application Guide SF424 now.


Agency deadline:

April 8, 2014 (Parent F31) April 14, 2014 (F31 Diversity)
Submit completed application with Specific Aims and Research Strategy in good draft form and all other attachments in final form to gradadvisor@ucsd.edu  

No later than


March 25, 2014


At 4:30 PM


No later than


March 31, 2014


At 4:30 PM

Submit completed application with all attachments in final form to gradadvisor@ucsd.edu  

No later than


April 3, 2014


At 4:30 PM


No later than


April 9, 2014


At 4:30 PM



OGS cannot guarantee that applications received after these deadlines will be submitted to the NIH on time. 


Students preparing applications should refer to OGS’s F31 and F31 Application and Submission Guide to prepare their application.  This application guide will be updated once the new program announcements and application packages are released.


Please note that four items must be submitted to OGS before the application can be submitted: The completed application, the budget workbook, and the application checklist should be submitted electronically to gradadvisor@ucsd.edu.  The Fellowship Assurance Form should be submitted to Zoe Ziliak Michel in OGS (MC 0003) in original paper form.  Templates for the budget workbook, application checklist, and fellowship assurance form are available in OGS’s F31 and F31 Diversity Application and Submission Guide.

Students and sponsors should also BCC Zoe Ziliak Michel on all Conflict of Interest form submissions for this award.

Please feel free to direct any questions to Zoe Ziliak Michel at gradadvisor@ucsd.edu or (858) 822-2938.

(Please note that Pharm.D., Pharm.D./Ph.D., and M.D./Ph.D. students apply through HSSPPO and not OGS.)


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