Tonight! Career Options in Nano, Chemical, & Material Science Engineering

5-7pm | Wednesday 2/26 | UC San Diego Career Services Center

Come by career services tonight to discuss different Career Options in Nano, Chemical and Material Science Engineering.

Joshua Windmiller, PhD, CEO, Electrozyme LLC – UC San Diego Alumni
Maria Zimmerman, Project Engineer, Surface Optics Corp – UC San Diego Alumni
Nicole Justis Truitt, Founder, Metamer Materials – UC San Diego Alumni
Michael Hurst, President & CEO, ChloroFill LLC
Richard Baldwin, PhD, Research Lead in Bionanotechnology, nanoComposix

The small Group Q&A will also include current UCSD student, Ron Chu. Ron Chu is a UCSD student & Strategic Project Management Intern at Thermo Fisher Scientific. He recently turned his internship into a full time position.

Richard Baldwin, PhD, Research Lead in Bionanotechnology at nanoComposix
Dr. Richard Baldwin received his Ph.D. in Organometallic Chemistry from Australian National University. After receiving his PhD, Richard completed postdoctoral research at UC Irvine working on homogeneous olefin amination catalysis and silsesquioxane materials. He then worked with silicon nanoparticles for solar energy collection at UC Davis, and developed novel fluorescent nanoparticles for in vivo imaging at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. Richard has a diverse background in both biological systems and synthetic inorganic chemistry, and he leads bionanotechnology projects in drug delivery, molecular imaging, and wound healing. His focus is Synthesis and characterization of new nanomaterials for applications ranging from biological taggants and drug delivery through to military decoys.

Joshua Windmiller, PhD, CEO of Electrozyme LLC
Dr. Windmiller received the B.Sc. (Provost’s Honors), M.Sc., C.Phil., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2012 respectively, with a specialization in photonics, semiconductor devices/materials, biomedical imaging/sensing, and wireless communication systems from UCSD. His B.Sc. and M.Sc. research focused on parametric signal processing, distant wavelength conversion, tunable optical delay lines, and optical amplification in nonlinear fibers. He was awarded with the prestigious Charles Lee Powell Foundation fellowship and bonus award and is a Gordon Scholar in engineering leadership. Previously, Dr. Windmiller served as the CEO of SolASE Photovoltaic Technologies, a high-performance III-V solar cell design firm, and has completed the CONNECT Springboard Program in new business development. He is also the recipient of over a dozen regional and national awards recognizing his entrepreneurial talents and ability to constantly innovate. Dr. Windmiller’s Ph.D. research focused on the development of printed biosensors, bioelectronics, and biofuel cells. He has published over 40 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings and has eight US patents issued or pending. Dr. Windmiller is the recipient of the internationally-acclaimed Printed Electronics USA 2010 Academic R&D award for his developments in textile-based printed bioelectronics. He is a member of the SPIE, IEEE, OSA, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Eta Kappa Nu and has been recognized by the Governor of the State of California and the United States Senate for his academic achievements. He was inducted as a Gordon Fellow in 2011 in recognition of demonstrated leadership in the engineering profession and serving as a positive role model for engineering students. He completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Laboratory for NanoBioElectronics at UCSD in 2013, where he was supported by the William J. von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism and leads a commercialization grant sponsored by the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. He currently serves as the CEO of Electrozyme, a startup that he co-founded devoted to the development of novel printed biosensors and biofuel cells for application in the personal wellness and healthcare domains.

Maria Zimmerman, Project Engineer at Surface Optics Corp
Maria Zimmerman graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 2011. As a student she worked as a research assistant for Dr. Joseph Wang and successfully co-authored two well received articles in the field of nanomaterials. Maria turned her academic and laboratory training into a dream position as a Project Engineer at Surface Optics Corporation in Rancho Bernardo. There, she specializes in the design and manufacture of vacuum deposited optical thin film coatings used predominantly for space flight hardware. Maria begins a master’s program in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Materials Science at UC San Diego this fall 2014.

Nicole Justis Truitt, Founder of Metamer Materials
Nicole Justis Truitt is the Founder of Metamer Materials, an advanced materials company developing bioinspired metamaterials, including adaptive smart materials for comfortable, energy-efficient buildings and structures. She is also the co-founder and co-inventor of Code Fluidics, which develops smart materials capable of changing the look and feel of consumer products in real time through the use of microfluidics. As VP of R&D at Agile Nano, Nikki developed nanoliquid shock absorbers embedded in shoes and sporting goods. She has held Research Scientist positions at 3M and Caltech, and is the holder of multiple Patents licensed by GE, Rhevision, Singularis, Lubris, and Code Fluidics. Nikki co-founded and lead the UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge, a business plan competition focused on building a community of innovators and entrepreneurs in San Diego. She is an accomplished artist, with past exhibitions in Minneapolis, Boston and DC. Nikki studied mathematics and science at the University of Minnesota from 7th-12th grade; holds an S.B. in Materials Science & Engineering from MIT where she ran Varsity Track, was a Navy ROTC scholar and developed microfluidic lab-on-a-chip systems, smart materials, and submarine technologies; and holds an M.S. and C.Phil in Materials Science & Engineering from UC San Diego where she continued work on microfluidics and nanocomputing as a Calit2 fellow and active member of the community. Recently, she graduated as a Fellow from the selective Startup Leadership Program and was inducted to the MIT Alumni Association Honor Roll. She lives in La Jolla with her adorable children and husband, Ed, a biotech CEO and entrepreneur. She tweets about technology, entrepreneurship, nature, art and women @NikkiTruitt
Michael Hurst, President & CEO of ChloroFill LLC
Michael Hurst, the founder, president and CEO of ChloroFill™ LLC, is a veteran of the life science and clean technology communities. Prior to launching ChloroFill LLC, which has begun manufacturing and marketing of environmentally responsible (green) building materials, Michael spent his career as an engineer and manager at Fortune 500 and leading technology companies, including Beckman Instruments and Illumina, Inc. His experience also includes integration of early PDA’s with GPS devices for military, government and commercial purposes. After spending most of his career supporting the fight against cancer and other disease, Michael was driven by the idea of green, cost effective means of preventing cancer such as renewable building materials, which not only save trees, but also do not emit carcinogenic formaldehyde.

Kathleen Self
Career Advisor
UC San Diego Career Services Center


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