San Francisco Career Planning Program (CPP) – Career Fair

Career Planning Program (CPP) is a career support program based in Kyoto, Japan, to help graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who aim to succeed in their career paths as scientific researchers.

The aim of our activity is two-fold:
(1) To provide a training venue for researchers to develop essential skills to thrive in social advancement
(2) To host career fairs specifically aimed towards scientific researchers who intend to work in industries

CPP offers seminars for Japanese research scientists.

This year, we are pleased to announce that Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited is seeking employees who can work in Japan. This great opportunity is open to anyone, regardless of Japanese skills. We would like to extend our welcome to everyone who is interested to participate in our career fair.

Program information is as follows:
What: CPP2014 San Francisco
Where: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Francisco Airport
When: July 5, 2014
Contents: Career fair
Participating Companies: Takeda Pharmaceutical, Chiome Bioscience, CPP Personal(as staffing service)

  • Companies other than Takeda Pharmaceutical require Japanese speaking skills
  • No Japanese skill is required to apply for the position at Takeda Pharmaceutical.

Anyone interested is encouraged to bring their applications to Takeda Pharmaceutical on Saturday, July 5th between 9am and 6pm (See Reference).
Recruitment information for Takeda Pharmaceutical at CPP2014 San Francisco:
Takeda Pharmaceutical Website:

We are seeking to reach out to the graduate students and postdoctoral scholars overseas who are seeking future employment in Japanese industries.


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