NSSC Research Assistantship in Web Design and Database Management


RESEARCH ASSISTANTSHIP IN WEB DESIGN AND DATABASE MANAGEMENTAn undergraduate research assistant position is available to support the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium (NSSC) at UC Berkeley. The NSSC, in collaboration with scientists at DOE laboratories, explores nuclear security policy in the technical focus areas of nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, nuclear engineering, and radiation detection and instrumentation, through an interdisciplinary lens. The successful candidate will design, implement and maintain a functional, creative, and user-oriented communication and outreach web-based platform.


Primary responsibilities include:

  • Web design, development and maintenance
  • Graphic design
  • Scalable and efficient database design and management
  •  Creative solutions


  • $15 per hour
  • 10 hours per week


  • Undergraduate degree in progress in Computer Science, Engineering or related disciplines
  • US Citizen
  • Strong background in WordPress
  • Experience with web design and development
  • Ability to work independently/self-starter


  • Experience with database management (e.g., MySQL, etc.)

To apply, email Dr. Bethany Goldblum at bethany@nuc.berkeley.edu with a resume including details of major projects and URLs.


Any questions should be directed to:

Bethany L. Goldblum, PhD (bethany@nuc.berkeley.edu)

Department of Nuclear Engineering, UC Berkeley

Director of Education, Nuclear Science and Security Consortium


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