USC’s Graduate Regulatory Science Programs

Interested in Regulatory Science?


Graduates from USC’s Graduate Regulatory Science Programs are employed in industry, government, consulting and academia. Their alumni are leaders in a profession designed to meet industry and governmental challenges in speeding up the delivery of medical advances to the people who need them, while ensuring that safety standards are met. The biomedical industry has grown rapidly, and this has fueled a large—and largely unmet—demand for regulatory professionals, both nationally and internationally.


UCS offers two Masters degrees and five graduate certificates. Their students includes recent college graduates as well as people who have worked in the industry for some time. The opportunity to get to know people who have experience in this field provides students with a unique chance for networking. Similarly, each class has a lead instructor and guest speakers from the industry. These speakers also share their expertise in regulatory science and can also serve as a resource for  students.


Companies have learned that the students in these programs are well-prepared to work for them and there is great need for professionals who are trained in regulatory science. We focus quite a bit on preparing students for a professional career by offering workshops on professionalism skills and interviewing techniques, by hosting recruitment events and career fairs, and by distributing internship and job announcements regularly.


USC Regulatory Science Program__Fall 2014


If you have any questions about the programs, please contact Laura Sturza:

Laura Sturza, MA

Program Administrator

University of Southern California

Regulatory Science Program

1540 Alcazar Street, CHP-140

Los Angeles, CA 90089

Phone 323-442-3102






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