Rady School Fall MBA Course in Social Venturing Open to All Grad Students

MGT 459 Topics in Innovation: Social Venturing
Rady School of Management
Professor AYELET GNEEZY (Click for bio and contact information)
Fall 2014
Tuesdays, 2-5 PM
4 credit units
TritonLink Section ID: 822684

Brief Course Overview

Social Venturing is about combining business and management skills, imagination, passion, and the courage of individuals to effectively tackle our most challenging issues. The purpose of this course is to learn what is possible and how it can be achieved, by examining a myriad of diverse experiences that are making a difference all over the world. Some social entrepreneurs might create new organizations, while others may develop innovative social initiatives within established ones. Through readings, case analyses, guest speakers, and experiential exercises students will gain an understanding of the processes for translating good ideas and intentions into high‐impact ventures. Students will acquire knowledge, tools and skills that will enhance their ability to identify needs and develop appropriate programs.

However, learning about social venturing is not merely about reading case studies, learning about problems and coming up with great ideas. By committing to take this class, you will participate in a process of deep reflection about where you come from, your current interests and your vision for the future. This is an invitation to develop your own roadmap for becoming an agent of change through entrepreneurship and business. This class requires intellectual thinking, critical analysis, enthusiasm, passion, motivation and wholehearted participation from each and every participant.

Note: The first class will meet on Tuesday, Sept. 30, since the university will be on holiday Tuesday, Nov. 11.

Enrollment is limited to 20 students.

Draft of syllabus:MGT459_Social Venturing_Syllabus_Draft


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