ERC/CREATE Math Tutor Corps

Dear Chemistry Majors,

Are you interested in tutoring high school students in math all while gaining credit?

The ERC/CREATE Math Tutor Corps is an exciting program enabling students to serve as in-class math tutors and mentors at our partner school site Lincoln High School. Tutors will work with math teachers at Lincoln to provide innovative and effective instruction to low-income, first-generation college-bound youth.

The Course Involves:

  • Attending 2 hour bi-weekly 2-unit P/NP seminar
  • 4 hours per week of volunteering at Lincoln High School


  • Completion of Math 10 series Or your college’s math GE requirement
  • One-quarter commitment
  • Enroll in ERC 89: Practicum in Math Tutoring
  • TB Test and Megan’s Law Background Check

**Limited transportation to LHS available

For more information, please contact Eden Berdugo (Program Coordinator)at

I hope you will participate in this important service-learning opportunity!

All the best,

Richard Madsen

Provost, Eleanor Roosevelt College


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