Communicating Across the Experimental/Computational Interface (CAECI)

Hi Chem/Biochem students!

I wanted to bring your attention to a new forum to encourage interaction between experimental and computational biologists. It’s called CAECI, or “Communicating Across the Experimental/Computational Interface.” CAECI aims to create a space where the communities of experimental and computational biologists can exchange their insights. This quarter we are organizing a collaborative lecture series that will address common interests of our respective fields, as well as differences in perspective.

If you want to expand the use of computational biology in your research or develop new collaborations, CAECI is a great place to start! There are two lectures per CAECI session – one from an experimental biologist and one from a computational biologist. These lectures are adapted from existing talks and ongoing research endeavors from the respective field. Each pair of lecturers will communicate with each other as they prepare their respective talks. This challenges the lecturers to make their presentations more accessible to both experimental and computational biologists. After both lectures, there is casual discussion and happy hour.

I would encourage anyone interested in giving a talk to submit a topic (just a couple of sentences is fine!) to

You can find more information on the Facebook group page:

Also an event page for the first meeting on November 5th:


Raffaela Abbriano


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