APDCC Consulting Opportunity for Winter 2015

UCSD’s APD Consulting Club is pleased to offer advanced graduate degree students (PhD, MBA, PharmD, Masters, MD, Postdocs, etc…) the opportunity to work as a part-time consultant intern on a 10 week winter quarter consulting project. Previous consulting experience is not required. The deadline to submit your resume and cover letter to apd.consulting.club@gmail.com is Sunday December 14th.

Project description:

We will be working with an event management and networking mobile app startup, which is using big data analytics to provide event managers and attendees tools to optimize their experience and networking capabilities.  The goal of this project is to provide our client with a deeper understanding of customer trends and the market potential of their newest product features.  During the course of the project we will interview and survey potential customers and perform market sizing and competitor analyses.

What YOU will get out of the experience:

Working with the APD Consulting Group will be an exciting and educational experience.  This project will be an introduction to alternate career paths in consulting, business development, entrepreneurship, and marketing.  You will have the opportunity to expand and strengthen your existing skill set and resume.

Time commitment:

8 h/week of business consulting tasks

1 h/week for a team meeting

Project start: January 5th

Project end: early March

Successful team members should exhibit all of the skills below.

–   Team player

–   Self-driven

–   Quantitative skills

–   Ability to commit to the entire length of the project

How to apply:

Email your resume to apd.consulting.club@gmail.com. We will reply with date/time options for a 20 minute interview. Deadline to submit resume is end of day Sunday December 14th.  During the interview, be prepared to explain why you would like to work on a consulting project, what skills or experiences you are bringing to the project and whether you are able to commit to the project for the full duration.


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