UCSD Industry and Alumni Relations: Campus Recruiting Visit and Career Opportunities

  1. Illumina summer internship program (masters and PhDs). More at http://www.illumina.com/company/careers/illumina-careers/interns.html
  2. Pfizer, Enzymologist/biochemist scientist in their Oncology Research Unit. More below



Pfizer, Scientist

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals needs an experienced enzymologist/biochemist in their Oncology Research Unit

For further details and to apply with job ID 1008805, visit pfizercareers.com


  • Bachelors of Science degree with 2-5 years of experience, or Masters of Science degree with 1-2 years of experience.
  • Biochemist with experience in kinase signaling and drug discovery. Must have strong technical abilities and skilled in performing biochemical analysis and the development of automated plate-based biochemical assays. Preference for candidates with pharmaceutical/biotech drug discovery experience in evaluating small-molecule inhibitors against enzyme targets, including protein kinases.

Core Competencies:

  • Experienced in enzyme kinetics, enzyme assay development, good understanding of enzyme inhibition mechanisms and SAR for drug discovery. Preference for candidate with strong background in protein kinase drug discovery.
  • Good track record for performing multiple robust, automated assays simultaneously
  • Skilled in analysis of assay data and presenting data in written and oral reports
  • Demonstrated ability to work and contribute to project teams in a collaborative environment. Must have strong oral and written communication skills.



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