Call for Fall 2016 ACS Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee

Good Afternoon,

On behalf of the Fall 2015 Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee (GSSPC), I’m pleased to announce the call for applications for the Fall 2016 GSSPC. Being part of the GSSPC is a great opportunity for graduate students to interact with their favorite scientists and gain experience in organizing a symposium at the national level.

The GSSPC is a group of graduate students responsible for the tasks associated with the planning of a symposium for an American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting. This includes topic selection, fundraising, speaker recruitment, and logistical arrangements. You can find more information about the GSSPC here:

The Fall 2016 ACS Meeting and Exposition is themed “Chemistry of the People, by the People and for the People” and will be held in Philadelphia, PA from Aug 21-25.

How to Apply: Assemble a group of up to 8 graduate students with a diverse background in research. The application package should be submitted to and consist of:

1)    A Curriculum Vitae for each group member.
2)    Two proposed themes for the Fall 2016 symposium. Include a list of potential speakers.
3)    A one-page mission statement of your GSSPC committee.

*Applications are due on May 22nd.*

Please contact us ( with questions or concerns. You can also visit our website at

Thank you for your applications!



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