Panel on Open Access and the Future of Publishing

Open Access and the Future of Publishing

Tuesday, April 21st 3-4:30 pm in the ArtSpace of the Cross Cultural Center in the Price Center

What is the role of open access in the changing world of academic publishing? The ramifications of publishing your research extend far beyond “revise and resubmit.” This panel will explore how the scholarly publishing industry affects the accessibility and influence of your work. Topics under discussion will include: What are the pros and cons of open access? Why would I choose to embargo my dissertation, or not? What are my options for open access publishing? How can I balance accessibility with my desire to publish in a journal that puts articles behind a paywall?

Panelists will also discuss the UC Open Access policy and its implementation, two new UC Press ventures into open access, Collabra and Luminos, and the contributions open access has made in their fields.


  • Stefan Tanaka, Director of the Center for the Humanities and Professor in Communication
  • Eric Bakovic, Professor in Linguistics
  • Mary Linn Bergstrom, Liason Librarian-Bioinformatics, Human Development, Research Data Curation & Chair, Scholarly Communication Working Group
  • Robert Melton, Liaison Librarian-Arts and Humanities, Curator-Archive for New Poetry (moderator)

Please RSVP here. This panel is organized by the Center for the Humanities and UCSD Library.


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