Library News – Technology Lending, Research Consultations, Workshops

Hello Chemistry Undergrads!

Some news from The Library:

1. Technology Lending Program at Geisel (New)

Starting this week, you can borrow anything from our new Tech Lending Program, including device chargers, cables, video adapters, even cameras. These are housed at the Media Desk in Geisel 1st floor west, and can be checked out for 24 hours or three days depending on the item. They’re even in the library catalog. And don’t forget, we also have group study rooms that you can reserve in advance, including some presentation practice rooms.

2. Need Research Help? Ask a Librarian!

Have a project or paper coming up and need help finding information? Getting started with undergraduate research? Or you just want to see what’s out there in your subject area? Then contact me for a research consultation. In 30-60 minutes I can help you come up with keywords and search strategies, how to find books/ebooks and other reference sources for your topics, how to search for the most recent research in the journals and how to get those articles, and how to keep up with and manage that research.

3. SciFinder Essentials Workshop – May 6, 10-11:30 am – Registration link

SciFinder is one of the best places to research the literature of chemistry and all related disciplines. This hands-on workshop covers the essentials of searching and getting the most out of SciFinder. You can look for articles, substances, and reactions, searching by keywords, names or even by drawing structures.

4. Off-Campus Access.

If you need to access ebooks, journals or databases that we have licensed, including most of what is listed on the chemistry research guide, make sure you set up your computer so it’s as if you were on campus. Otherwise the websites you visit won’t recognize you as a UCSD student and prompt you to login and/or pay for things already paid for by the Library.

There are several options:

  • Make a change to your web browser to use the proxy server.
  • Download the VPN AnyConnect client software.
  • Log in through the WebVPN EasyConnect (does not work some resources).

And if you have any questions about library services or resources, please contact Terri M. Vogel, Librarian for Chemistry and Biochemistry, Materials Science, Chemical and NanoEngineering, at or 858-534-1216


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