Debunking the Formula: Careers in the Department of Energy Labs and Offices (Research or Not…)

It’s a common wish: that knowing where to go after a science or engineering Master’s or PhD would be as easy as plugging variables into a formula and solving for X (or for C if it’s differential).  Truth is: there is no one, perfect, formula.  But there are plenty of options, and even with an organization as complex as the US Department of Energy (DOE), there are options for those who want to commit to a life of research or those who don’t (but want to fully utilize a graduate science or engineering degree).  On Monday, May 11th, at 5:30pm in the Natural Sciences Building Auditorium (1205), representatives from DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will provide an overview and introduction to national labs, working in the lab, or working for the DOE itself and its mission areas.  Attendance is open to graduate students in all science and engineering fields, and for both US Citizens and international students.  Sponsored by the Society for Women in Graduate Studies in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Monday, May 11

5:30-6:30 pm

Natural Sciences Building 1205


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