NanoEngineering and Technology Society (NETS) Research Project Recruitment

I am a third year NanoEngineering major in search for students interested in joining my research team. As Executive Project Chair of the NanoEngineering and Technology Society (NETS), I have designed a research project for NETS that will be active throughout this academic year. While NETS is fundamentally designed for students interested in Nanotechnology and application, it is a non-exclusive student organization that welcomes members from ANY and ALL majors. We believe many different majors can offer substantial contributions to the growth, progress, and innovations of UCSD Nanoengineering.

That being said, we are officially beginning campus-wide research recruitment.

Over summer, NETS has designed a project geared toward the developments of novel biomedical engineering. In this case, nano-scale medical robots.

This research project is driven to improve the structure and enhance the influence of DNA-structured nano machines, generally known as Nucleic Acid Robots “NuBots.”

Specifically, this project will take on the challenge to effectively incorporate interpretable and controllable electrical energy into the NuBot system. Achieving this will allow us to move a step forward in medical nanotechnology, cancer research, and clinical/therapeutical application.

We are looking for 6 students who are sincerely interested in interfacing the following disciplines:

Biology (Micro and Molecular)

Human Biology/Physiology



BioEngineering (particularly Biotechnology and Bioinformatics) Chemistry Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering Materials Sciences NanoEngineering Physics Quantum Physics

Students who would like to join should also know the following benefits and expectations:

-engage in the 21st century scientific technology race. The United States is currently in a NanoTechnology race with other countries; global scientists and engineers are pushing to find the solutions to macro-scale problems through nanoscale manipulation. Because UCSD is one of the few universities (on Earth) to concretely emphasize and promote the progress of Nanotechnology to its undergraduate community, passionate UCSD students are more than qualified to engage in this race, and should realize that they are representing both their university and country when considering creative engineering and scientific approaches to this project. We respect every student’s idea, and consider each a candidate for a groundbreaking prototype design.

-represent UCSD in the annual Harvard BioMod competition (2016). NETS will apply to attend the yearly BioMolecular Design conference, held every fall in Harvard University. Students will be able to see and appreciate the work of other like-minded students from around the world, and increase their exposure and professional experience in the research industry and collegiate world.

-prospectively become published, wiki’d, and recognized for their entrepreneurial and academic performance.

-possibly discover this field as their future line of research; NuBotic design is very new and unexplored, and has thus captivated the attention and interest of researchers and students alike.

If you could please extend an invitation to your department undergraduate students to -explore DNA Robotic science -consider our team recruitment application form, which could be found at

-check out NETS at our first GBM, this Monday (10/12) at 6:30 in the SME Cymer Conference Room (where projects and NETS’s year plan will be


The NanoEngineering community at UCSD would be thrilled to have an addition and variety of brilliant, promising minds to our mission: to strengthen and optimize NanoEngineering innovation at UC San Diego.


Raina Borum


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