USD Benz Lab – Temp Research Position

Temporary Employment Opportunity at the University of San Diego, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry

A temporary researcher at the B.A./B.S. level or above is being sought to continue work on nanoporous metal organic framework (MOF) films in Professor Lauren Benz’s lab ( for approximately 3 months, or a maximum of $12,000 total in salary (plus benefits if applicable, exact compensation amount dependent on degree level and duration of work).  The position is flexible and may be either part- or full-time over the timeframe of mid-January through the end of August, pending NSF approval (expected shortly).

The work will entail the liquid phase in-situ epitaxial growth of MOF films on a substrate, and subsequent modification of surface chemistry. Film growth will be followed by ATR-IR, SEM/EDX, pXRD and QCM-D, so experience with these techniques is a plus.  These films will then be further investigated for their potential applications as membranes using QCM-D to monitor the binding of model compounds to the surface-modified frameworks.  If interested, the candidate may gain experience in the mentoring of undergraduate students though this is not a requirement.

Interested candidates please send your CV and available timeline (start date, end date, and whether you are seeking full or part-time work) to


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