2016 CalStateLA RISE MS-to-PhD

As you know, I direct the Cal State LA Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) training program funded by the National Institutes of Health, and aimed at developing the careers of talented minority students so they are ready to succeed in PhD programs. I would like to enlist your help in identifying good candidates at UC San Diego for this two-year research-intensive MS program. The targeted populations are African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians and Pacific Islanders [Native Hawaiians, US nationals from US trust territories (Guamanians and Samoans) and Filipinos]. Our fellowships start at $19,000 for the first year, and grow to $21,000 in the second. These fellowships also include additional funds for registration fees/tuition (currently at $7,400 per year); for research supplies; and for travel to professional meetings. Overall, the fellowships provide over $60,000 in support over the two years of the MS.


Our student participants in the Cal State LA RISE MS-to-PhD program have been very successful. Over the past decade some 80% of MS-to-PhD participants have won admission to top PhD programs nationwide. Especially important is that 85% of those admitted complete the PhD (these rates are considerably higher than national averages for all groups, not just minority students). In the past dozen years, 116 of our alumni have completed the PhD; have taken postdoctoral appointments; and have secured positions in academia and industry. The quality of our academic and research programs can be inferred from Cal State LA’s ranking by the National Science Foundation as the Number One baccalaureate institution of origin of Hispanic science PhD recipients among all undergraduate and masters colleges and universities in the continental US.


Let me ask you to look in three populations: you may know of talented UCSD undergrads that are not quite ready to pursue the PhD, but could be after a research-intensive MS at Cal State LA. The second group are those minority students that applied for your PhD programs at UCSD this year but were not yet quite competitive for positions, but you feel could benefit from our MS program and become competitive (your graduate secretaries may have a list of such students. Let me ask you to forward this email – including attachments- to your graduate secretary). The third is that group of students that graduated in recent years and are working, but are motivated to improve their credentials and then pursue training for the PhD.


We are targeting students in biology, microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, psychology, mathematics, biomedical engineering, physics and biophysics and related disciplines. Let me ask you to forward this email – including attachments- to your interested students and your faculty colleagues in all these areas to let them know of these outstanding opportunities.


The attached PDF document further describes the program and contains an application. Please forward it to any students you think may be interested. They can fill it out electronically and save it. We prefer electronic submission as an email attachment, although hard copy that arrives in our office by the deadline is acceptable.


The deadline for application to this fellowship program is Tuesday March15.


However, students must also apply for admission to the California State University, Los Angeles graduate program athttp://www.csumentor.edu/admissionapp/grad_apply.asp. This fellowship support is, of course, contingent on admission to the MS graduate program. Please visit the Cal State LA Graduate studies homepage to see the deadlines for all graduate departments (http://www.calstatela.edu/graduateadmissions/admission-deadlines)


The following departments also require additional brief applications to them. Application materials are on their websites below:





If there are students you think I should contact, please send me their email addresses or telephone numbers. They can contact me at cgutier@calstatela.edu.


These are exciting times for research at Cal State LA. Our research laboratories are in the four-year-old Annenberg Science Complex that houses the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and the Department of Biological Sciences. It is in these facilities, the best the University has had in the past 40 years, that our new MS students will conduct their thesis research.

Click below to apply:

2016 CalStateLA RISE MS-to-PhD Applic


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