Congrats Fall 2015 Teaching Assistant Excellence Awardees

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the Teaching Assistant Excellence Awards for Fall 2015. The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry bestows these awards quarterly in recognition of superior performance by teaching assistants.

Congratulations to the Fall 2015 recipients of the Teaching Assistant Excellence Awards!

Sarah Barnhill
Daniel Haack
Aashish Lamichhane
Joo Hee Lee
Jon Marc Rodriguez
Daniel Sheik

Ocean 180 Video Challenge Finalist: Graduate student Clifford Kapono

UC San Diego Chemistry & Biochemistry graduate student Clifford Kapono has been selected as a finalist in the Ocean 180 Video Challenge. Kapono and his collaborator, John Burns from the University of Hawaii, are one of nine finalists in the competition, which is sponsored each year by the Florida Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence. Pomaika`i Cliff!

Clear View of Nanoparticles Furthers Cancer Treatment Research

Clear View of Nanoparticles Helps Researchers Evaluate New Form of Cancer Treatment – Elizabeth Villa’s group uses a form of electron microscopy called cryoEM that avoids the need to dehydrate samples and stain them with heavy metals by flash freezing them to better preserve their natural structures.

Neurocrine Biosciences San Diego – Job Opportunity

Scientist (Discovery Analytical)


Key Responsibilities:
Development of chiral and achiral methodologies to purify small molecules using mass-directed HPLC and SFC technology.
Troubleshoot and maintain modern analytical and preparative instrumentation including hardware and software.
Collaborate with medicinal chemists to deliver the analytical solutions they require.
Analyze and interpret chromatographic data and reach conclusions independently.
Perform analytical and liquid handling tasks to purify, analyze, and format final compounds into formats ready for in-vitro biological assays.



Requires a minimum of a BS with 4+ years industry experience or equivalent
Experience with normal and reverse phase HPLC, SFC, UV, mass spectrometry, and other analytical detection techniques
Ability to think critically when faced with a wide range of scientific problems
Experience with liquid handling, robotics, and automation
Experience in data analysis, common productivity software, and database management
Experience with Chromeleon software is a plus
Strong communication skills


View all openings


HealthHack: Saturday, February 27

HealthHack Is Here

Register Now

Saturday, February 27th

Qualcomm Room, Jacobs Building

Engineering World Health at UCSD is hosting its second annual HealthHack, a multidisciplinary hackathon for all majors.You will be presented with a real global health issue and have the entire day to work with a team and come up with an innovative and exciting solution. You will get the opportunity to work with tools such as biosensors, 3D printers, design software, and more to bring your idea to life!

$1000 Cash prize for First Place
$500 Dollars for Second Place
$250 Dollars for Third Place

Sign up with a team and hack with your friends, or sign up as an individual and we’ll find you a great team! We will be giving out prizes. Space is limited.
Check out our website for more info:

Please contact with any questions.

2016 Carol & George Lattimer Award: Naomi Handly

2016 Physical Sciences Carol & George Lattimer Award for Graduate Excellence is awarded to Naomi Handly! Congrats!

2016 Internships at Sandia National Laboratories

But why get just another summer job, when you could spend the summer doing something that matters? Because if you accept an internship at Sandia National Laboratories, you can contribute to projects that literally change the world.

If you are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in Science, Math, Engineering, Technology, Business, Computer Information Systems, or Management Information Systems, and meet Sandia’s intern program eligibility requirements, we want to hear from you. Please submit your resume and application and get ready for the changes ahead.

Apply Online:

At one of our sites in Albuquerque, NM, or Livermore, CA, you’ll find opportunities to participate in work to make our nation safer, improve human and environmental health, or project our critical information infrastructure. In other words, projects that make a real difference.

That’s why we know that an internship with Sandia has the power to change your life. A summer here will put you face-to-face with world-class scientists and engineers who will mentor you as you take on challenging, hands-on assignments in such diverse areas as cybersecurity, nuclear weapons systems, clean combustion, biotechnology, and sustainable energy. You can also expect:

  •     Rich interactions with an intern community from top-tier universities
  •     Workshops, seminars, and networking events designed to help you broaden your perspective and build relationships
  •     Competitive pay
  •     Travel expense reimbursement, if eligible
  •     Amazing outdoor recreation and cultural activities
  •     Opportunities to learn more about a career at Sandia upon graduation

Sandia National Laboratories
World-changing technologies. Life-changing careers.

6th Annual Interdisciplinary Research Awards

6th Annual Interdisciplinary Research Awards

The Loft at UCSD: Tuesday, April 5, 2016,  5 to 7 pm

Complimentary appetizers and drinks will be provided

Now accepting nominations!! Have your department submit your nomination between February 1 and March 1 to win $500 in recognition of your research!

Each department is eligible to nominate one student currently engaged in innovative, interdisciplinary research. Awardees will receive a monetary award of $500 and present their award-winning research at the 2016 Interdisciplinary Research Awards this coming April.

Departments must submit all nomination and application materials by email to between February 1, 2016 and  March 1, 2016.

Students should submit all application materials to their graduate department or program coordinator.

Application Requirements:

  • A student-written letter of interest (ideal length: 500-700 words) describing an interdisciplinary research project, as well as how they intend to explain their research to a diverse, non-expert, audience.
  • Curriculum vitae or academic resume
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members, preferably members of the student’s committee and/or thesis advisors. These letters must be from faculty in two different departments.
  • One letter of recommendation from an UCSD student describing the ability of the applicant to communicate his or her research.


The 2016 Interdisciplinary Research Awards Ceremony will be open to all students, staff, and faculty at UCSD as well as members of the community that wish to attend; therefore, the winners should be able to explain their research and its implications in a way that is accessible to all attendees.

Please direct questions to GSA VP Academic:

Teresa Zimmerman-Liu

Frieda Daum Urey Fellow in Sociology

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Graduate Student Association

UC Irvine Chemistry Lecture PSOE position available

The Department of Chemistry at UC Irvine is seeking a Lecturer PSOE for advanced laboratory courses in analytical and physical chemistry.

At UC Irvine, a Lecturer PSOE is effectively a tenure-track position (PSOE = potential security of employment) for those focused on teaching and education. The primary responsibility for the open position will be upper division undergraduate physical and analytical chemistry labs. Competitive candidates should have a strong background in physical and analytical chemistry, experience with modern laboratory instrumentation, the ability to spearhead grant writing efforts to acquire new instrumentation, and a desire to develop new experiments to improve student learning outcomes.

For more information: Advance Lab PSOE Search Adrev12815sjt

Library Workshops and Resources

Library Workshops – February and March
The complete list of our free workshops is on the Library website, with descriptions and registration information.


  • PubMed Essentials – Feb 4, 12:00 – 1:30 pm
  • Managing Citations – Feb 9, 2:00 – 3:30 pm
  • SciFinder for Chemists and Non-Chemists – Feb 16, 2:00 – 3:30 pm
  • PubMed: Beyond the Essentials – Feb 17, 12:00 – 1:30 pm
  • EndNote Online – Feb 23, 11:00 – 12:30 pm
  • EndNote Desktop – Mar 1, 10:00 – 11:30 am
  • Substance and Reaction Searching with SciFinder and Reaxys –  Mar 1, 2:00 – 3:30 pm
  • Mendeley – Mar 23, 11:30 – 1:00 pm


Library Research Consultations & Guides

  • Need help getting started with locating research on your topic (or a refresher), or want to learn more about library services and resources to help you with your work?  Please feel free to contact me for a consultation.
  • Along with an overview of the services, I can show you the best databases to find relevant books and journal articles, and the search strategies to get the most out of them; ways to keep up with current research; and how to manage the information you do find using tools like EndNote.
  • We also have research guides for all of our subjects and many courses that have an information searching component or assignment (including Chem 105 and Chem 143A-D).


Cambridge Structural Database 2016

  • The latest version of CSD, with information on 800,000+ crystal structures, is now available for download. Information on downloading, installing, and registering CSD is here. This is a “power user” version with additional programs and additional functionality, but you can also access the database and structures without downloading, etc. through WebCSD.


Ebooks vs. Print Books

  • Over the last few years, the Library has moved to “an ebook preferred” collection policy. Instead of buying books in print as they become available, we purchase entire packages of ebooks from publishers (Royal Society of Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Wiley, Springer, Elsevier, etc.) at the beginning of the year and have access to all of the titles as they are published. This provides you 24/7 access—and in most cases no limit to the number of people using a book at one time—as well as the ability to save and print PDF chapters (great if you only want 1-2 chapters, and to search the full text of the books. Then I buy print copies of books that aren’t available online, like textbooks and the books that go into our Popular Science Collection.
  • If you prefer to read a book in print that we have online:
    • You can request to borrow a copy from another San Diego library through Circuit if they have one, or from another University of Califorinia library through Melvyl. In Melvyl you’ll need to check the record to see if you’re looking at one for a print or electronic book. When you submit the request, you can add a note that you’re specifically requesting a print copy.
    • You can also use our interlibrary loan to make the requestion, and in the information or special instructions specify that you want print.
  • If you think it’s a book we should purchase in print, even though we have it online, submit a purchase recommendation request.


I also want to remind you about our digital media lab that opened in the library last fall and available to all UC San Diego students. Along with two 3D printers, the lab has high-end computers for audio/video editing and are equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk, Camtasia and Final Cut Pro. The computer workstations can be reserved for up to 3 hours a day using the Library’s room reservation system. There is onsite assistance, and individual consultation sessions are available.