Dissertation/Thesis Formatting Workshop




Q:        Do I need to R.S.V.P.?

A:        It is not necessary; we look forward to seeing you there.


Q:        Who should attend this workshop?

A:        All PhD, EdD, DMA, MA/MS (plan I/Thesis), and MFA students who are preparing to write or have already started to write their dissertation/thesis.


Q:        Will there be another workshop offered?

A:        Yes, we hold one workshop every quarter (typically during weeks 2 or 3).

  • Summer 2016- June 28, 2016


Q:        Will there be another workshop offered this quarter?

A:        No, only one workshop per quarter is offered.


Q:        I won’t be able to attend this workshop; can I meet with you individually?

A:        This workshop is intended to be a “preview” to the preliminary appointment. Both the Preliminary Appointment and the Final Appointment are still required regardless of your attendance at this workshop.


Q:        What do you go over at this workshop?  Can I have handouts?

A:        We review the manual ( http://grad.ucsd.edu/_files/academic-affairs/Dissertations_Theses_Formatting_Manual.pdf ) and discuss common errors.  The manual is the “handout” which is only available via the link provided.


Q:        If I attended a previous workshop, can I still come to this one?

A:        Yes, we will repeat the information that we went over last time, but it may be beneficial as you may have additional questions.


Q:        If I have scheduled my preliminary appointment to be before this workshop, would it still be beneficial for me to attend?

A:        Yes, we will repeat some information that we went over during your preliminary appointment, but it may be beneficial as you may have additional questions.  You may also consider rescheduling your preliminary appointment for after this workshop.


Q:        I’m planning on defending in a future quarter- can I still attend?

A:        Yes!  The earlier you start preparing the formatting of your thesis/dissertation, the better.


Q:        I’m planning on defending in a future quarter- can I schedule my preliminary appointment now?

A:        No, we have found that it is not beneficial for a student to see an Academic Adviser with an incomplete thesis/dissertation.  It is recommended that you have your preliminary appointment closer to your defense once your thesis/dissertation is fully written and formatted.


Q:        What are the deadlines for submitting my dissertation or thesis?

A:        All deadlines for pertaining to degrees are posted at http://grad.ucsd.edu/progress/academicdeadlines/index.html


Q:        How do I schedule my preliminary appointment?

A:        You may schedule your preliminary appointment at https://gd-calendar.ucsd.edu/


Q:        Should I schedule my final appointment?

A:        If you know the date of your defense and you need a final appointment that is not more than 60 days in the future, you may schedule your final appointment.  You may schedule your final appointment at https://gd-calendar.ucsd.edu/


Q:        Do you offer tech support?

A:        No, the Graduate Division does not offer tech support.  Students are expected to appropriately format their own thesis/dissertation.


Q:        Can I use a formatting service?      

A:        It is expected that students format their own thesis/dissertation.  Documents that are submitted after being looked at by a formatting service often contain many errors in need of correction.


Q:        Is there a template?

A:        The Graduate Division does not have any approved templates.  Although there are some templates that are being shared by students, no template is perfect and changes may still be required.


Q:        Can I bring my thesis or dissertation to the workshop?

A:        You are welcome to bring your thesis/dissertation if you have specific questions but the Academic Advisers will not be able to do a complete review of your document.


Q:        Can you explain the permission letters?

A:        All questions pertaining to permission letter/copyright issues will be answered in detail at the workshop.


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