University of Tokyo Programs GSC & UTRIP

1)  The Global Science Course (GSC) at the University of Tokyo is a new
undergraduate 2 year-long transfer program for chemistry students. It
was designed to enhance cross-cultural interactions among young minds
from around the world coming together to learn chemistry. All GSC
classes are conducted in English by world-leading professors who are
pursuing cutting-edge research in the most advanced fields, while also
focusing on the fostering of students who will lead the next generation
in science communities.

By giving students the opportunity to study abroad in Tokyo, they will
not only get the chance to make the most of our world renowned
facilities but will also be able to experience Japanese lifestyle and
culture first-hand. This is an invaluable opportunity for those looking
to expand their worldviews and experience something unique during their
time as an undergraduate student specializing in the sciences.

Furthermore, successful applicants to our program are rewarded with a
generous scholarship. This includes 150,000 Japanese yen per month to
aid in paying tuition fees and support living expenses. It additionally
includes fully supported rent.

You can learn more about GSC through our website and our social media:

2)  We also have The University of Tokyo Research Internship Program
(UTRIP). This is a 6-week summer internship program for students
majoring in natural science and other relevant fields. It provides
students with an opportunity to gain the experience of “real graduate-
school life” or “research-centered life.” UTRIP is a gateway to pursuing
an advanced degree and experiencing academic life at our university.
Participants on UTRIP will also be granted financial support to cover
their costs and expenses. They will also get the opportunity to take
part in cultural activities and excursions to learn more about Japan.

Here is a link to the UTRIP website:


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