Student Intern Position

R&D Role Description


Position Title:

Analytical Scientist

Zone / Line:

Formulation and Analytical development / Vaccine Immunotherapeutics Research Unit


La Jolla.

Discipline / Job Family


Career Ladder (Level):

Student Contractor

Predicted Grade(s):



Position Purpose


·         An exciting opportunity exists for an entry-level undergraduate scientist to join the formulation and analytical development group in the Vaccine Immunotherapeutics Research Unit in La Jolla, California. We are seeking an enthusiastic, highly motivated and responsible student who is interested in learning about the pharmaceutical/biotech industries, and gaining valuable experience.


·         The candidate will be required to provide support to our vaccine development programs, by maintaining laboratory stocks, undertaking sample preparation and aiding in laboratory operations including instrument maintenance, and ensuring internal quality procedures are adhered to. The role will also require the candidate to undertake analysis of vaccines using a range of established analytical techniques for which training will be provided by scientific staff. This position represents an opportunity to learn and apply various industry standard methods and approaches and also make contributions to novel vaccine development at Pfizer.


·         Experience of one or all of the following areas, either through previous experience or university laboratory classes would be beneficial, but not essential; Bradford, BCA or Lowry protein assays, HPLC, Colorimetry/ spectrophotometry, SDS-PAGE.


·         The candidate will, be accountable for the critical appraisal of their results and generation of summary data sheets in compliance with internal systems. The candidate must be a full-time, undergraduate student pursuing a degree in a biological science.  The student should be willing and able to work 10-20 hours per week during the school year and up to 40 per week during school breaks.




Organizational Relationships:

·         Head of VxR West > Group Head > Analytical lead > Analytical scientist>Role


Primary Duties:

³  Laboratory and related work (80-90% of time) under daily to weekly supervision.

§  Laboratory maintenance including ordering supplies, making buffers/solutions, equipment maintenance and reagent generation.

§  Undertake training in standard laboratory analytical techniques.

§  Work with supervisor to identify workload and co-ordinate testing of samples and turnaround times (independently, if familiar with area of work, with guidance if unfamiliar).

§  Compilation of data, and generation of certificates of testing to be supplied to project teams.

§  Analyze and interpret experimental data, results and methodology used with guidance.

§  Work to gain skills and experience to be fully conversant with the operation and validation of all items of equipment or IT needed for experimentation, data analysis, storage and data entry.

³  Documentation.

§  Write up laboratory notebooks regularly in compliance with internal policy.

§  Preparation of presentation materials.

³  Communication.

§  Regular 1:1 communication with supervisor and team colleagues.

§  Other colleagues within Vaccine Research.

³  Safe working and regulatory compliance.

§  Work safely themselves.

§  Completion of risk assessments, compliance with WRD procedures.

§  Will recognize risks (own and others), within own area of expertise. Intervene or take action, where appropriate.

§  Commit to Pfizer site goals on reduction of waste, green chemistry and energy efficiency.


Training & Education Minimum Requirements:

·         Currently undertaking an undergraduate degree in biological sciences.

·         Able to commit to 10-20 hours per week during term time, and up to 40 hours during school breaks.





·         Demonstrable experience of working in a laboratory in either an academic or industrial setting.

·         Good basic practical skills in basic analytical techniques (HPLC, BCA, UV-Vis Spectroscopy, SDS-PAGE) and molecular biology techniques (restriction digestion of DNA, plasmid DNA prep, agarose gel).



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