ComSciCon – Science Communication Workshop (September 2016)

Graduate students and postdocs are invited to apply now for the Communicating Science (ComSciCon-SD) workshop, to be held at UCSD in September, 2016. The ComSciCon workshop series is designed to empower graduate students to communicate the complex and technical concepts that arise in research in science, engineering and other technical fields to broad and diverse audiences, beyond fellow practitioners in the field.


Information about ComSciCon-SD can be found on our web page: We have an exciting program of events planned. Attendees will interact with fellow graduate student leaders in science communication, learn from expert writers and communicators, and will produce original writing for publication.


The ComSciCon-SD event will be held over 2 full days on September 16-17. The application for the workshop is open now and will close on May 15. There will be no cost or fee to attendees, but only a limited number of spots are available. Attendees will be selected through a competitive application process.


This workshop will be held in collaboration with Kavli Institute of Brain and Mind, UCSD Grad Division and grAdvantage, UCSD Divisions of Biological, Physical, and Social Sciences, Jacobs School of Engineering, and UCSD Cognitive Science. The conference is being organized organized by UCSD graduate students and post-docs.


For more information, please contact ComSciCon SD directly (


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