Fellowship Opportunity for <5 years from PhD – Power of Information

I am writing to you to tell you about a new Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) program: Templeton Independent Research Fellowships in the Power of Information. We would appreciate if you would share this announcement with others who may be interested.

TWCF will award up to three fellowships in 2016. Each Fellowship will provide financial support of up to $110,000 per year for up to three years, tenable at any recognized university or research institution in the world. Since 2013, TWCF has funded nearly a dozen research projects around the world which have used the concept of information to understand the world more fully. The concept of information offers a promising pathway for comprehending both micro- and macro-level phenomena within a single idea. The purpose of the Templeton Independent Research Fellowship is to facilitate ongoing scientific research by exceptional early-career scholars who are likely to establish themselves as prominent researchers in their fields.

Fellows must hold a PhD by the beginning of their Fellowship, although they need not have completed their degree when submitting their application. Applicants must apply within five full-time-equivalent research years of completing their PhD program. Newly graduated PhDs are particularly encouraged to apply. Applications will be considered from scholars who identify with any of the following disciplines: mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, computer science, electrical engineering, or the philosophy of science. Applications are welcome from scholars of any nationality.

Applications for the 2016 round of Fellowships close on Sunday 28 August 2016. Just click on http://www.templetonworldcharity.org/fellowship for more information about the program and instructions for applying.

Please email any enquiries about the Fellowship to fellowship@templetonworldcharity.org.


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