Postdoctoral Position Available Immediately

A postdoctoral position is available to study contrast agent development for in vivo applications of molecular imaging. Our laboratory uses imaging data to study a variety of molecular mechanisms related to cancer and heart disease ( The primary goal of this postdoctoral fellowship is to create novel chemical probes useful in therapeutic drug monitoring. These probes will be used in tandem with wearable devices for real-time patient monitoring via imaging data. Side projects will be encouraged including those that use imaging to enhance early cancer detection and drug delivery.
Interested applicants must have a PhD organic chemistry, materials chemistry, medicinal chemistry or a closely related field. Preference will be given to applicants with an outstanding publication record and expertise in bioconjugation, chemical sensing, host/guest interactions, and materials science. Applicants should be highly motivated, creative, and independent and be interested in a multi-disciplinary approach involving chemistry, engineering, optics, and clinical translation. The work will be conducted in beautiful La Jolla, California with a fantastic climate and excellent quality of life.
Please submit a cover letter with research interests, curriculum vitae, and two letters of recommendation to Dr. Jesse Jokerst at


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