Spring 208 GSSPC Call for Applications


My name is Susette Ingram and I am one of six students that will be hosting the Spring 2017 GSSPC Symposium at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco. In addition to planning a symposium, we are tasked with selecting the Spring 2018 GSSPC.

The Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee (GSSPC) is an ongoing project within the ACS Chemical Education Division. Selected GSSPC’s have the opportunity to design and plan a unique symposium at an ACS National Meeting. This includes selecting a symposium topic, inviting high-profile speakers, and fundraising. Being part of a GSSPC allows graduate students to gain skills that will benefit them in their professional careers. More information about the GSSPC project can be found here.

Please forward this email to your graduate students. I have attached our flyer that includes the application requirements. Completed applications are due November 11, 2016. We would also like to extend $1000 to help send the selected GSSPC to the Spring 2017 ACS National Meeting in San Francisco. More information can be found our our website:  www.GeorgetownGSSPC.weebly.com. Please contact us at GeorgetownGSSPC@gmail.com with any questions.gsspc-call-for-applications


Susette Ingram

Spring 2017 GSSPC Chairman

Georgetown University



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