ArtPower performance of L-E-V Dance Company

GSA is pleased to present FREE tickets to the ArtPower performance of L-E-V Dance Company on January 19th (Thursday) at 8pm in Mandeville Auditorium.

L-E-V Dance Company derives its name from the Hebrew word for heart (lev). OCD Love, the company’s latest work, is a powerful piece danced to pulsating techno beats created by DJ Ori Lichtik, one of the pioneers of techno in Israel. The piece deals with obsessive-compulsive disorder, which poses challenges for love and for life; it is about love that always misses or lovers who keep missing each other. The brainchild of choreographer Sharon Eyal, former dancer and resident choreographer with Batsheva, and arts and rave producer Gai Behar, L-E-V will make its ArtPower debut with this piece, performed by six astoundingly agile dancers

More on the performance here:

If you would like tickets- please respond to this email (to Please state how many tickets you would like.

You need to also tell me how you would like to pick up the tickets. Options are:

(1) Give me your campus mail code (this must be done by 8am Tuesday January 17th to ensure they reach you)

(2) Come just before the start of the GSA meeting on Tuesday 1/17 at 5:50pm to the GSA offices on the 4th floor of the Price Center, and I will tell you which GSA officer to look for.

(3) Come to SIO and get the tickets from me directly. Options are Weds 1/18 9am-12noon, or Thursday 1/19 10am to 12noon.


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