Call for Applications: Chancellor’s Interdisciplinary Collaboratories

On behalf of the chancellor’s office, Interim Dean Steven Cassedy is pleased to announce the Interdisciplinary Collaboratories: An Opportunity for Funding for Faculty and Student Collaborations.  Funding for this round of submissions will be begin June 1, 2017 and end May 31, 2018.

UC San Diego has set aside support for small groups who seek to undertake cooperative/collaborative research.  The Chancellor will fund small interdisciplinary groups of faculty (3 to 5 PIs) willing to form a collaboratory to supervise the research of 3 to 5 students (full-time graduate or professional students or part-time undergraduates) for one year. The funding will support full or partial fellowships for the jointly supported students.  The aim is to encourage faculty to form and support such groups as they develop preliminary results sufficient to support applications for extramural funding.

Faculty eligible to participate in the program include all those who are eligible to chair doctoral committees.  Departmental affiliations of faculty collaborators must include representation from at least two divisions and three departments. Supported students should be enrolled in at least two different departments, although not necessarily the same departments as the faculty members. Eligible students must have completed one academic year at UC San Diego, must carry a GPA of 3.00, and must be in good academic standing, as demonstrated by making expected progress towards a degree.

Application Requirements:
* List of 3 to 5 cooperating faculty, along with departmental affiliations
* List of 3 to 5 students to be supported, along with department affiliations and current GPA at the time of application

* A CV for each faculty and student participant listed (not to exceed 2 pages per person)
* A jointly written proposal with title, abstract (less than 100 words), and description of the work to be undertaken (no longer than 2 pages, including references) in 12-point typeface
* A first-year budget indicating the academic quarters for which support is requested and the proposed fellowship value (not to exceed $15,000 per student at the graduate level and $7,500 per student at the undergraduate level)
* Signed agreement that the supervising faculty jointly intend to seek outside support for the project to be undertaken by the interdisciplinary group

***Effective March 1, 2010, no individual faculty member or student may be named on more than one proposal in any given round.**
Please note that there is a total of $62,500 available for this round of funding.

Please visit the Graduate Division website to download an application and for more information.

Final proposals should be submitted electronically as a single PDF to the

Graduate Fellowship Advisor ( by 4 p.m. on March 22, 2017.


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