Formation of Chemistry Graduate Student Council

Hello CHEM Grads,


Building on the success of the first open forum, you are invited to another special forum on Friday March 3rd at 11AM in the NSB auditorium (Room 1205) to further discuss the formation of a Chemistry Graduate Student Council. 

At the second forum, we aim to formalize (1) the goals and mission of the Council as well as the details related to (2) nominating and electing council representatives. In addition, we will (3) discuss potential models for the council’s inaugural structure. We would like to thank the graduate students that attended the Forum Planning/Brainstorming Session on February, 22nd. Their input and discussion was essential to the planning of this event.

To best represent the members of our grad community, we are seeking graduate students to attend the forum, help generate ideas, and engage in discussion on how to construct and run the council.

Food and drink will be provided. If you intend to join the event, please RSVP by responding to our event on the UCSD Chem&Biochem Grads Facebook Page, for an accurate count of food.

If you would like to make an impact in our department to help make the Chemistry community better, please come and join the conversation!


On Behalf of Your GSA Representatives

Sabrina Berkamp, Sophia Hirakis, Chris Fisher, Quint Frauman and Lindsey Spiegelman

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Student Association

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