STEM Education & Diversity Discussion Group

*Interested in improving your teaching and mentoring skills?

*Desire a better understanding of practices and policies that influence the training of scientists?

*Want to be part of a collaborative community with a passion for improving the way that students and scientists are educated and mentored?

*Join us for an hour once a month for stimulating and thought-provoking discussions!

We are the STEM Education + Diversity discussion group, composed of graduate students, post-docs and faculty with a common interest in science education, education policy, and mentoring. We seek to improve our understanding of effective practices and brainstorm possible improvements for the future, functioning as a learning community by sharing resources and ideas in an environment that emphasizes constructive dialogue. We often view these topics through the lens of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. Past and present participants include Biology and Chemistry graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, Biology faculty, the Associate Dean of Education in Biology, members of the UCSD Center for Teaching Development, and former postdocs who are now independent faculty at liberal arts colleges and universities. We invite any interested members of the UCSD/Salk/Burnham/Scripps/TSRI community to join us!

We meet on the first Wednesdays of the month, from 10:30 am – 11:30 am, at the Women’s Center Conference Room (above Hi Thai). For more information about our group:

please visit our website at

To share information that might interest our group, and/or be added to our mailing list, please contact Antonia Darragh (

Hope to see you soon,

The STEM Education + Diversity Group

What: STEM Education & Diversity Discussion Group

Where: Women’s Center (above Hi Thai)

When: First Wednesday of the month 10:30am

Who: Everyone is welcome (even if you have not read the articles) More Info:

Upcoming Discussion Moderators:

Date                            Moderator

April 5, 2017                Emily Petty


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