Yonder Dynamics is Recruiting – Apply!

A Message from Yonder Dynamic

We are a robotics/aerospace student organization here at UCSD, and this year we are one of 36 teams who have made it to the final leg of the international University Rover Challenge (URC). We are currently working on a Mars rover with almost complete autonomy, which sounds primarily engineering-heavy, but one of the required tasks for the competition is the Science Cache task, which involves several types of soil testing.

Our team is recruiting new members for our summer work, and biochemistry majors may be interested. Specific skills relevant to students in your department include soil microbiology, culturing and analyzing microbes in a lab, soil science, biochemical sensors, and experiment design. At Yonder, student members will have the opportunity to build their skills in a team setting and gain hands-on project experience. We value each member’s individual growth and we especially support women in STEM.

We are looking for a minimum 20 hr per week commitment, and are happy to accept first and second year students, as we will be conducting an extensive training program. Prospective applicants should reside in the San Diego/La Jolla area or be able to commute there regularly.

Form Application Link : https://www.yonderdynamics.space/join-us/.
Our website, https://www.yonderdynamics.space/,
or our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/yonderdynamics/, which should provide them with more information. I would encourage students to check out the Instruments sub-team in particular.

Best regards,
Isabelle Yan
PR/Outreach Manager at Yonder Dynamics


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