Vertex Pharmaceuticals Career Night Speaker! TODAY, May 30th

Career Night Speaker: Dr. Sabine Hadida*

Career Services Center, Horizon Room 

May 30, 2017


Join us at the lecture. Get a chance to network and eat some great appetizers, buffet dinner, plus beer and wine.

About the Speaker: Sabine Hadida, Ph.D. is Senior Director and Head of Chemistry at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in San Diego. Since joining in 2002, Sabine has led the chemistry efforts on Cystic Fibrosis that discovered multiple drug candidates including the approved medicines, KALYDECO and ORKAMBI. In 2013, her team was named Heroes of Chemistry by the ACS. Sabine received her PhD in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona and spent two years conducting postdoctoral research at the University of Pittsburgh.

GrAdvantage Career Nights expose graduate students to individuals who have transitioned to careers outside academia after receiving a graduate degree. The speakers will describe their career paths while offering “pearls of wisdom” to those in the audience that may be considering careers outside of academia.

Links for more info:

Facebook Event Page

GrAdvantage Website


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