Biochemistry Graduate Student Needed for Inspection Project

Biochemistry graduate student needed for an inspection project at a small San Diego lab for an auditing firm based in New York. The subject company develops molecules that regulate protein homeostasis and stimulate the immune system to destroy cancers with minimal toxicities. The team consists of well-known biotech researchers (two of who are in the San Diego lab) as well as a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.

The project involves inspection of the lab with photographs, detailed inspection of the equipment, reporting back with details of the equipment in place with serial numbers for the major pieces and the current working condition as well as an overview of the supplies, compounds and reagents in the lab.

Major items of equipment include: Meso Scale SECTOR Imager 2400; BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer; Agilent 6120B Single Quadrupole Walkup System.

We offer compensation of $125 per hour for this project plus reimbursement for auto expenses. We anticipate that the inspection will take approximately 3 hours. The subject is a small company and the student who accepts this project will have the opportunity to meet two high level researchers.

Please reply with your general availability to Stewart Robinson at 917-405-4900


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