Merch & Co Job Postings


I am reaching out on behalf of Merck & Co to let you know that we currently have several entry level PhD positions open in Chemistry across the Merck South San Francisco, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Boston facilities.  We have positions open in Process Chemistry, Discovery Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Biology.  We are looking for candidates who would complete a PhD in chemistry in 2018 or will be finishing a Postdoc within a year.


A typical job description includes: Merck is currently seeking exceptional chemists for positions within the Discovery Chemistry Department.  The successful candidate will join multidisciplinary, highly collaborative discovery teams to invent novel medicines through a combination of innovative synthetic chemistry and analysis of diverse data sets to build structure-activity relationships. Additionally, the successful candidate will generate novel, testable hypotheses to enable clear decision making.  Furthermore, he/she will help identify and validate new targets through chemistry and will be responsible for collaborative engagement with the external scientific community.  Success across this spectrum of activities will necessitate the application of the latest advances in chemistry and the development of innovative approaches to address new chemistry challenges. To accomplish the above, the successful candidate must have excellent interpersonal, collaboration and communication skills in a team environment.



Candidates may find additional job descriptions here:

            – Discovery Chemistry:

Sr. Scientist Discovery Chemistry-CHE005438

(SSF) Senior Scientist, Chemistry-RES001917

– Process Chemistry:

Senior Scientist, Process Chemistry-CHE005444

– Analytical Chemistry:

Senior Scientist, Analytical Chemistry-CHE005344


Helen Mitchell, Ph.D.


Director, TECh | Merck & Co., Inc.

770 Sumneytown Pike, WP14-2155, West Point, PA, 19486 | Phone: 215-652-3007 | Fax: 215-652-7310


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