Master of Science in Law

The Master of Science in Law is a unique program that provides individuals with STEM backgrounds with specialized training in the areas of intellectual property and patent design, business law and entrepreneurship, regulatory analysis and strategy, and skills development. Students can complete the full-time program in nine months, or the part time program (via either the residential or online format) in two to four years.

Additionally, we are hosting webinars on Monday, April 16, and Tuesday, May 15 (from 5:30 – 6:30 pm CST). We would love for your students to join us to learn more – they can find more information via the attached flyer and on our website.MSL Webinar Flyer_3.16.18_Page_1MSL Webinar Flyer_3.16.18_Page_2

45th MilliporeSigma Lectureship

April 45, 2018.

Guest speaker will be David R. Liu, PhD from Broad Institute/Harvard University.  


Career Development Seminar Series

Tuesdays from 4 – 5 pm

UC San Diego – BRF2, room 1102


Join the San Diego Center for Systems Biology (SDCSB) and Cancer Cell Map Initiative (CCMI) for a seminar series that will provide advice and a forum for discussions about planning your career, inside or out of academia. This seminar series is open to all. Refreshments will be provided.


April 3

Prof. Trey Ideker, UC San Diego

Interviewing and Negotiating Academic Jobs

April 10

Asst. Prof. Hannah Carter, UC San Diego

Applying for NIH Early Investigator Awards

April 17

Prof. Gurol Suel, UC San Diego

[3 pm] Effectively Presenting Your Work [3 pm]

April 24


May 1

Dr. Michael Nunn, Project Manager, Center for Epigenomics of the Mouse Brain Atlas, Salk Institute

Exploring Options – A Career in Academia, Industry and Research Administration

May 8

Prof. Silvio Gutkind, UC San Diego

From Intramural to Extramural, Bench to Clinic and Back, and East to West

May 15

SDCSB Alumni Panel: Andy Gross, Victoria Corey and Gordon Bean

How to Get a Job Within 2.05 Miles of BRF2

May 22

Dr. Diane Klotz, Director of Office of Education, Training & International Services, SBP

Understanding Personal Leadership Styles

May 29

Dr. Jason Kreisberg, Asst. Research Scientist, Ideker Lab

Writing for Publication in High Profile Journals

Physical/Analytical Seminar

Seminar 3-29 (2).jpg

Upcoming Seminars

Seminar 3-29_Page_1Seminar 3-29_Page_2Seminar 3-29_Page_3

UC San Diego Chemist Stirs Hope for a Ne

UC San Diego Chemist Stirs Hope for a New Flu Treatment


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UC San Diego’s PhD Programs Dominate U.S

UC San Diego’s PhD Programs Dominate U.S. News and World Report’s Best Grad Schools List

Spring Graduate Course: Supporting Learning with Technology

Are you interested in learning about improving teaching efficiency and efficacy?  Want to stand out in the job market?  Develop real skills to use technology to support your students’ learning?

Take EDS 297 Learning in Computing Environments.  You’ll learn abut core, applied learning theories and ways to utilize technology to implement powerful learning experiences for students.  You’ll complete projects where you design a “best practice” didactic video lecture and create online resources to support scalable formative feedback to help students develop their understanding.

Request to be pre-authorized here.

You can also see the syllabus here: EDS297 Learning in Computing Environments_ Promise Syllabus – Google Docs

EDS297 Flyer (1)