Chemists Cook Up Elusive Molecule for the First Time

Chemists Cook Up Elusive Molecule for the First Time — UC San Diego researchers verify decades-old predictions about transition-metal complexes —

Electron Transport and optical properties

Electron Transport and optical properties of single molecule in contact with conductive materials have attracted considerable attention because of their scientific importance and potential applications. We investigate effects of intramolecular Coulomb interaction on conductance and luminescence spectra using the nonequilibrium Hubbard Green’s function technique combined with first-principles calculations. Exciton binding energy (Coulomb interaction) shown to be crucial for reproducing recent experiments for a single phthalocyanine molecule. –

Scientists ‘Game’ for Remote-control Chemistry of the Future

Scientists ‘Game’ for Remote-control Chemistry of the Future –

Graduate student Matthew Du points to the “pink line,” indicating exciting results from the study. His colleagues Raphael Ribeiro (left), Joel Yuen-Zhou (top right) and Luis Martínez-Martínez look on. Photo by Michelle Fredricks, UC San Diego Physical Sciences

UC San Diego FulBright

Dear UCSD community, faculty and staff,

I would like to share the news that Global Education at UC San Diego will host its second annual Fulbright Day on Tuesday, April 9. Please pass this on!

There is an abundance of funding opportunities available for faculty and staff searchable by discipline, region or country; and, multiple grant programs for students, including undergraduate, graduate and recently graduated students in approximately 140 countries!

We want to increase awareness of these prestigious funding opportunities and grants so please share the Fulbright Day 2019 information.

Fulbright Day, April 9 – Atkinson Pavilion/Faculty Club

  • Scholar Information Session: 10:30 am to 12 pm  
    • This is an opportunity for faculty, scholars and staff to learn about the 2020-2021 catalog of Fulbright awards and hear about the experiences from prior UC San Diego Fulbright participants.
  • Fulbright Luncheon: 12 – 1:30 pm
    • All participants from the scholar and student sessions, current International Fulbright students and scholars and special guests welcome to attend the complimentary lunch!  
  • Student Information Session: 1:30 – 3 pm 
    • The student information session is open to undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning more about funding opportunities available to study and conduct research abroad, teach English in another country or complete their doctoral research abroad. Hear others share their experiences!

To RSVP to any of these complimentary events click HERE. Please help us spread the word amongst your colleagues, department, and staff.

Visit for more information, or if you have any questions, please let me know.

Figueroa published in Science Magazine

The diatomic molecule boron monofluoride (BF) is isoelectronic to carbon monoxide (CO), but far less stable. For decades, inorganic chemists have tried unsuccessfully to prepare a compound where BF is bound to a transition metal in a terminal fashion, which is a binding mode ubiquitous for CO. As recently published in Science Magazine, the Figueroa group has isolated the first compound featuring a terminally coordinated BF ligand, thereby ushering in a new era for the coordination chemistry of simple diatomic molecules. –

Prof. Xiong was selected to be one of three 2019 JPC/PHYS Lectureship Awardees

Prof. Xiong was selected to be one of the three 2019 JPC/PHYS Lectureship awardees and he will deliver his lecture at the Fall ACS National Meeting in San Diego, CA

Trilateral Science Slams 2019

There will be a trilateral science slam involving young scientists from Germany, Russia and the US during the Cottrell Scholar Conference in Tucson, July 11. This event is part of the Germany Year in the United States and is cosponsored by the German Fulbright and Research Corporation for Science Advancement. The purpose is to disseminate new science findings in a fun atmosphere. The call for applications is now open, with a deadline of April 3: