Congratulations, Jerika Chiong!

We are so very proud that the National Science Foundation has selected Jerika Chiong from the Tezcan Lab as the recipient of the 2019 Graduate Research Fellowship! Jerika is a Chemistry major from Revelle College. We wish her all the best as she will be starting the Chemistry PhD program at Stanford this coming fall quarter!

Jerika Chiong (‘19) is a fourth-year undergraduate studying general chemistry at UC San Diego. She has been involved in research projects since her freshman year and currently studies the synthesis of metal-organic frameworks in Akif Tezcan’s lab in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. As a research student, Chiong had the opportunity to co-author a paper in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS). As president of American Chemical Society-Student Affiliates (ACS-SA) on campus, Chiong’s found a passion for participating in outreach and extracurricular activities, community work that will be fueled by her NSF fellowship. “I really want to get more involved with supporting women in STEM,” said Chiong, who hopes to “hit the ground running” with new research projects while acclimating to the environment of a new university. While she remains unsure of the specifics of her future research, she is interested in materials chemistry. Chiong envisions starting out in the research and development industry and perhaps attaining a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) in order to shift toward the managerial side of the industry. —

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