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Department Colloquia – Michael Burkart


Colloquim – Room Change

Please note location change for Friday’s Colloquium.Seminar 10-11.png

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Communicating with Venture Capitalists and Donors Seminar – 9/27

Want to improve your odds at getting financial backing for your great idea?

Communicating about your research to catch the attention of venture capitalists, non-scientific foundations and philanthropists requires different strategies than you use to approach traditional scientific funding sources, such as the NSF or NIH.  Knowing how to approach non-traditional funders is important for researchers going into academia or into industry.  To learn more, check out this two-part series on “Communicating with Venture Capitalists and Donors.” (Click here for seminar and workshop flier.)

1.       Panel Discussion (a case study of the communication strategies of one recent spinoff success), 10:30-11:30 am, September 27, NSB auditorium (open to all).

2.      Workshop (includes lunch with speakers and time to practice your pitch or proposal and get feedback), Noon-2:30, September 27 (location TBA, registration required(Click here to register for workshop.). 

Workshop now open to graduate students, but space is limited.  Please register today!


Special Seminars

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Designing Information to Reach Broader Audiences