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I am reaching out on behalf of Merck & Co to let you know that we currently have several entry level PhD positions open in Chemistry across the Merck South San Francisco, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Boston facilities.  We have positions open in Process Chemistry, Discovery Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Biology.  We are looking for candidates who would complete a PhD in chemistry in 2018 or will be finishing a Postdoc within a year.


A typical job description includes: Merck is currently seeking exceptional chemists for positions within the Discovery Chemistry Department.  The successful candidate will join multidisciplinary, highly collaborative discovery teams to invent novel medicines through a combination of innovative synthetic chemistry and analysis of diverse data sets to build structure-activity relationships. Additionally, the successful candidate will generate novel, testable hypotheses to enable clear decision making.  Furthermore, he/she will help identify and validate new targets through chemistry and will be responsible for collaborative engagement with the external scientific community.  Success across this spectrum of activities will necessitate the application of the latest advances in chemistry and the development of innovative approaches to address new chemistry challenges. To accomplish the above, the successful candidate must have excellent interpersonal, collaboration and communication skills in a team environment.



Candidates may find additional job descriptions here:

            – Discovery Chemistry:

Sr. Scientist Discovery Chemistry-CHE005438

(SSF) Senior Scientist, Chemistry-RES001917

– Process Chemistry:

Senior Scientist, Process Chemistry-CHE005444

– Analytical Chemistry:

Senior Scientist, Analytical Chemistry-CHE005344


Helen Mitchell, Ph.D.


Director, TECh | Merck & Co., Inc.

770 Sumneytown Pike, WP14-2155, West Point, PA, 19486 | Phone: 215-652-3007 | Fax: 215-652-7310

Real-Life Organic Chemistry: Substitutio

Real-Life Organic Chemistry: Substitution Reactions & Antibiotic Resistance –

Job Openings by Aerotek

The 20th Annual MedChem Symposium coming

The 20th Annual MedChem Symposium coming up! Next Friday, July 14th at the Institute of the Americas. Featured speakers come from Pfizer, eFFECTOR Therapeutics, TSRI, Dart Neuroscience, and the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation, as well as our very own Professor. Yitzhak Tor! This is a great opportunity to network with industry professionals.
Full details and registration can be found at

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July! ht

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July!

GAAN Fellowship

Just a reminder that the deadline to submit your GAANN application is in one week on Monday, July 3rd 2017. The application is available here.

Eligibility and Application requirements are described below and also on our website (


GAANN fellowships will be awarded on a competitive basis to outstanding applicants who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Full-time enrollment in our Chemistry Ph.D. program (*2nd–4th year students are invited to apply, but priority will be given to 2nd and 3rd year students)
  • Excellent academic record
  • Expressed career interests in research and/or education
  • Demonstrated financial need, as determined by federal guidelines (FAFSA)


A complete application consists of five items:

  1. A current curriculum vitae or resume
  2. A personal statement describing the following (2 page limit):
    • research experiences
    • teaching and mentoring experiences
    • career goals
  1. A statement describing your contributions to diversity, namely:
    • Significant and unusual educational, social, cultural, economic, or other barriers you have had to overcome in pursuit of your education. Detail (1) the challenge(s) as well as any unique insights, perspectives or skills you gained while overcoming specific challenge(s), and (2) how overcoming the aforementioned challenge will enable you to contribute to the department and campus community in a unique and positive manner that enhances diversity.

(Note: This statement (Item 3) is a required component of the San Diego Fellowship Program.)

  1. A brief written statement from your Faculty Research Advisor indicating that you have made satisfactory progress in your research project(s), and that (s)he supports your participation in the GAANN program if you are selected as a Fellow. Advisors should email their statement to Asmaa Khatib (
  2. A completed  2017-2018 FAFSA form: In your submission, you must list UCSD (Title IV Code: 001317). To expedite the processing of your GAANN application, you must forward your FAFSA confirmation email to Asmaa Khatib ( which indicates your “EFC”. (Note: Acceptance of subsidized loans and other fellowships will reduce the financial need and possible eligibility for GAANN. Teaching or research assistantships may be coupled with a GAANN fellowship.)


Please contact me if you have any questions!

Congratulations to our new volleyball to

Congratulations to our new volleyball tournament champions Team B O S S ! It was great seeing everyone yesterday! Happy Summer!