WCWP 160 – Science Communication and Technical Writing Class FA19

Lecture: Tuesday/Thursday, 11:00am-12:30pm

  WCWP 160 is an upper-division writing course focused on the principles and practices of technical and scientific writing and communication. Students will learn how to write abstracts, literature reviews, research posters, and to translate scientific writing for public audiences.

The course is open to all upper-division UCSD students! For Warren College students, it can meet one of the following requirements: 

  • One upper-division PofC course for both the Humanities/Fine Arts or the Math/Science/Engineering categories
  • One upper-division Area Study course in the Humanities category
  • For transfer students: one upper-division non-contiguous GE requirement, regardless of major

NANO 102 – Foundations in Nanoengineering: Chemical Principles

Professor Andrea Tao is offering a four-unit course on chemical principles involved in synthesis, assembly, and performance of nanostructured materials and devices. Chemical interactions, classical and statistical thermodynamics of small systems, diffusion, carbon–based nanomaterials, supramolecular chemistry, liquid crystals, colloid and polymer chemistry, lipid vesicles, surface modification, surface functionalization, catalysis. 

Prerequisites for the course include: Chem. 6C, Math. 20D, PHYS 2D, NANO 101, NANO 106

Students can petition to take the course concurrently with PHYS 2D. Students with majors in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department can use this class to fulfill an open elective by submitting a pre-approval petition. See petition details here.

Nutrition 10V – Cross Campus Enrollment

Fully online version of Nutrition 10, called Nutrition 10V, will be offered this summer session II. This course is the completely virtual version of the popular Nutrition 10 class from UC Davis and is available at all of the UC campuses as of Spring 2018. More information about Nutrition 10V can be found here.

UC Davis – Study Abroad!!

Greetings students!

UC Davis Summer Abroadoffers UCSD students the opportunity to earn 8 units of UC credit in just four weeks—while studying in another country! Programs are open to all majors, and all students, from freshmen to graduating seniors.   

UCSD Financial Aid applies; ask your Financial Aid Office for more information. 

Would you like to. . .?

  • Study neurobiology in Bucharest, the culturally and historically rich capital city of Romania – or study biological sciences in Japan (102) or Ireland (2A or 2B)?
  • Explore the ways people in Prague and beyond integrate physical activity into their daily lives and how exercise science is taught in the Czech Republic’s leading universities?
  • Study Applied Statistics for Biological Sciences both in the classroom and through numerous site visits around Cork, a town famous for its Irish history, culture, and cuisine?
  • Visit some of the famous wine regions of France and learn about the various production and winemaking techniques by visiting wineries, large and small?
  • Earn GE credit while exploring Iceland, Denmark and Germany while studying the mythology and modern adaptations of Viking myths – or discover the most outstanding masterpieces of modern design while in Paris, Dijon, Nice, and Marseilles, France?

These programs still have space available for 2019 enrollment and are just a few options among 60+ others offered through UC Davis Study Abroad. All programs feature on-site activities that integrate experiential learning with classroom study, and many are led by faculty who have won Excellence in Teaching awards.

For a complete list of programs and program information, visit:


Space Still Available for Summer and Fall 2019!—Enrollment Deadline: April 5th
Create a student profile to create a list of programs that interest you, or start the enrollment process for Quarter Abroad or Summer Abroad!



— — 

Erin Schlemmer

Program Coordinator and Advisor

Study Abroad
Global Affairs

University of California, Davis

International Center | Suite 1120

463 California Ave | Davis, CA 95616

eschlemmer@ucdavis.edu | (530) 752-5581

Translational Medicine Day (TMD)

SUBJECT: Invitation to Attend Translational Medicine Day 2019


You are invited to attend Translational Medicine Day (TMD), a conference-style event focused on the field of translational medicine, which aims to streamline the process through which medical discoveries end up in the healthcare space. By highlighting advancements in the field, we hope to inspire the next generation of doctors, biomedical engineers, and researchers.


Where: Medical Education and Telemedicine Building in the UC San Diego School of Medicine

When: Wednesday, March 6, 2019 from 2-7 PM

How: Learn more about the event here and REGISTER FOR FREE NOW at tmd2019.eventbrite.com!


The event will feature many sessions, of which you are welcome to attend any and all that interest you, including:

– Keynote speech: “Crossing the Translational Divide – The windy Road from Basic Research to an Approved Drug”

Hear from Dr. Daria Mochly-Rosen, TEDMED Speaker and Director of the SPARK translational medicine program at Stanford University, on her tumultuous experience with turning a research discovery into a life-saving treatment for patients in need.

– Ethics Panel: Research on gene modification has brought us closer to editing the human genome, but many ethical questions arise. We ask experts from various departments pressing questions such as: Where do we draw the line for what we can change? Who will be able to afford a better quality of life? And more.


– Speaker Sessions: Learn from translational researchers who are pushing the boundaries of healthcare: Dr. Lydia Sohn of UC Berkeley – The revolutionary Node-Pore Sensing technique for stem cells; Dr. Jesse Jokerst of UC San Diego – Novel methods for molecular imaging; Dr. John C. Doyle – Mathematical foundations of machine learning

– Center for the Future of Surgery Tours: Tour the medical simulation training facility that aims to revolutionize the field of surgery and inspire future and practicing clinicians.


– Industry Demonstrations: Envision a career in industry through hands-on interactions in a science-fair style with products from CELLINK, Nanome, and more.


– MD-PhD and Graduate Admissions Panel: Have questions about the difference between a Masters, PhD, and MDPhD? Wondering how to get into graduate school in the first place? Receive answers to these questions and more from the representatives of graduate programs in UC Irvine, Keck Graduate Institute, and UC San Diego.


– Translational Researcher Networking Session: The perfect avenue for one-on-one conversations with top UCSD researchers and recent UCSD MSTP graduates: learn about their work, experiences, and how to get involved in the sprawling research community.


– Networking Reception: Enjoy hors d’oeuvres catered by Cafe Athena!


Dress code: Business casual


We hope to see you at TMD 2019! Remember to register at tmd2019.eventbrite.com and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.



Almudena Prieto and Aditi Vaidya

BMES | Translational Medicine Day 2019 Chairs

aprietop@ucsd.edu | a1vaidya@ucsd.edu

New Class! FMPH 198: Medical School Prep 101 Course

FMPH 198: Directed Group Study – Medical School Prep 101 (1 unit – P/NP Grading)

This course is designed for 1st year students (freshman) who are interested in pursuing medicine and becoming physicians. Learn what it takes to prepare for medical school as well as what it takes to be a competitive applicant. We’ll cover everything from academic requirements, timeline and MCAT to obtaining relevant experiences (i.e. healthcare, service, leadership, and research), letters of evaluation, the 15 core competencies and more!


  • Entered UCSD in FA18 as a 1st year freshman student
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Be available Wednesdays from 2-3:20pm during spring quarter
  • Fill out the UCSD Medical School Prep 101 Application by Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 by 11:59pm
    • Early submissions are encouraged!

Student Responsibilities

  • Attend all course lectures
  • Engage and participate in all course lectures
  • Complete all course assignments on time

UC Davis Summer Abroad


Dear UC San Diego Chemistry and Biochemistry Students,


Want to spend the summer earning GE credits in fun and unique ways? UC Davis is currently accepting enrollments for almost 30 summer study abroad programs, and many are interdisciplinary classes based in history, literature, and religious studies—academic areas that some UC science majors postpone completing until later in their college careers. What better way to knock out some of your GEs than by studying abroad?
2019 UC Davis Summer Abroad

  • Open to all UC students (freshmen through graduating seniors) and students from any college or university
  • UC summer financial aid applies
  • UC Davis courses, led by UC Davis faculty
  • Courses taught in English

Note: UC San Diego students should meet with a financial aid advisor to determine summer aid eligibility. If needed, students can request a ninth unit of 199 to help qualify for summer aid.

Create an online interest profile to receive email updates about programs that interest you. (It only takes a minute!) Visit the program webpage links below for details on fees, excursions, class schedules, and more. If you’d like to search by major rather than exploring options that carry GE credits, make sure to check out the “Search Programs by Major” box on this page!

Europe (Iceland, Germany & Denmark), Viking Visions
Courses: German 48 or 112 & 198 (taught in English – open to all majors!)

Explore the worlds of Thor, Odin, Freya, and more while studying the sagas, historical chronicles, and modern adaptations of old Viking myths in Iceland, Northern Germany, and Denmark.


Austria, Crossroads of Central Europe

Courses: History 102S & 198

From the Renaissance to the United Nations, experience life and history in one of Europe’s grand imperial capitals.


Europe (France, Switzerland & Italy), World Cinema and the European Film Festival

Film Studies 125 & 198

Attend an entire A-level film festival in the Italian-Swiss Lake region, with two-weeks of preparatory film studies in Cannes, France.

Bhutan, GIS in the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Courses: Landscape Architecture /Applied Biological Systems Technology 150 & 198
Learn how to use geographic information systems (GIS) in the peaceful, culturally rich, and biodiverse country of Bhutan in the Himalayan Mountains, where progress is measured in Gross National Happiness.

France, Sex and Space

Courses: Art History 122 & 198
Examine the wide range of the relationship between architecture and sexuality in the context of European modernism.


Europe, Celtic Connections—Ireland, France, Spain

Courses: English 138 & 198
Experience Celtic culture through literature, culture, language, music, and politics.


Italy, Rome—Art, Culture, History in the Eternal City

Italian 107S & 198 (Taught in English)

Visit Roman, Etruscan, and Greek ruins and discover why Rome is considered an outdoor museum.


If you have any questions about our 2019 Summer Abroad programs, please reach out to me anytime!

All the best,


— —


Leigh Cocanougher

Program Coordinator and Advisor

Study Abroad

Global Affairs


University of California, Davis

International Center | Suite 1120

463 California Ave | Davis, CA 95616

lcocanougher@ucdavis.edu | (530) 752-9627

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