Volunteers Needed

The Morimoto Lab in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department is looking for volunteers interested in participating in a study of a laparoscopic training system.

The study will take place in the Center for the Future of Surgery. The volunteer will be asked to train on his or her own time using one of three possible training methods. A basic skill level assessment will be performed before and after the training period. The purpose of the study is to compare the use of the new interface with standard training methods in order to develop more engaging and cost-effective training solutions.

There will be no compensation. Instead, through this study, volunteers will get to experience testing a novel training interface. For more information on how to sign up, please send inquiries to morimotolab@eng.ucsd.edu. Your assistance in helping us meet our research goals would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Your Calendar- Skaggs School of Pharmacy Open House

Women in STEM: Panel & Networking

Upcoming American Chemical Society Meeting at SDSU- April 18, 2018

San Diego ACS April meeting 2018

Michael J. Jordan – Lecture

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Research Development & Grant Writing Newsletter

The Research Proposal Development Service in the Office of Research Affairs is pleased to send you the June 2017 issue of Research Development & Grant Writing News.

This newsletter contains material that may be of interest to UCSD faculty, researchers, staff, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students.

Articles in this issue include:

  • NSF Regional Grants Conference Report
  • Role of Social Science Funding in National Security
  • Workforce Training Grants
  • Tracking Mission Changes at Funding Agencies
  • Models and Best Practices for Undergraduate Research
  • Understanding Funding Agency Mission & Culture (reprinted from the September 2011 issue)

+ plus these regular newsletter features:

  • Research Grant Writing Web Resources
  • Educational Grant Writing Web Resources
  • Agency Research News
  • Agency Reports, Workshops & Research Roadmaps
  • New Funding Opportunities

Previous issues of the monthly newsletter can be downloaded from a UCSD-only link on this page: http://rapids.ucsd.edu/.

The attached newsletter mentions the New Faculty Guide to Competing for Research Funding and the Large Team Grant eBook. Both items can be downloaded from the UCSD-only links at http://rapids.ucsd.edu/.

Please Note: Within UCSD the newsletter may be copied, duplicated, distributed electronically, in whole or in part. The terms of our institutional subscription require that we do not distribute outside UCSD nor post to a website accessible by those outside UCSD.

Those not yet subscribed to the UCSD Funding List, through which Research Affairs sends out selected research funding opportunity announcements, including those for limited submission programs, are invited to subscribe online:


We welcome your feedback at rapids@ucsd.edu.


Postdoc and grad opportunities

Hi grads,

Below are some upcoming events and opportunities that may be of interest to you.

  1. Postdoctoral Position in Chemical Education
    The Chemistry Department at Northwestern University seeks to hire a postdoc in chemical education.  The nature and responsibilities of the position are described in the attached ad, as is the application procedure. Please see attached for more details.
  2. Calgene Postdoc Opportunities
    San Diego, CA

    San Francisco, CA

    Seattle, WA

  3. Postdoc Research Position at the University of Virginia Department of Chemistry
    Research Associate Position
    https://www.higheredjobs.com/state/details.cfm?JobCode=176282011&Title=Research%20Associate):The University of Virginia Department of Chemistry invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Associate position in the group of Professor Charles W. Machan. The field of study will be development of catalysts for the electrochemical activation of water and oxygen with a focus on bimetallic molecular electrocatalysts. This research project will include the design of new materials for immobilizing these catalysts on electrodes and photoelectrodes. The projects are highly interdisciplinary and focused on important energy-related problems. Further information about Professor Machan and his research can be found at cwmachan.com.

    Questions should be addressed to Professor Machan at machan@virginia.edu.

    More information about the application process and where to submit can be found here.

  4. Insight Data Science Fellowship
    Applications are currently open for Insight Data Science Silicon Valley Fellowships starting September 6th, offered in partnership with Facebook, Netflix and other data science teams. The program is free and also awards need-based scholarships. Applicants should be PhD students or post-docs completing their research and looking to enter data science careers in the industry by December 2016. We also offer Fellowships in New York and Boston. Apply now or sign up for our Notification List.
  5. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry T-Shirt ContestWe are excited to announce that we are having another Chemistry & Biochemistry Logo Contest! Hopefully you have all seen the amazing design on our t-shirts, that came from our initial contest in 2013. We wanted to give everyone a new opportunity to express their creativity and design talents! Your assignment is to create an original T-shirt design that represents UC San Diego Chemistry and Biochemistry. Get creative using our University’s signature colors, logo, or anything else that represents our University or Department.Rules and Eligibility:
    – Only UCSD Chemistry/Biochemistry undergrad majors, graduate students, alumni, staff, or faculty may participate.
    – Design should include “UC San Diego” (or “UCSD”) and “Chemistry and Biochemistry”.
    – Please submit designs in PDF, jpeg, PSD, or other common image formats.
    – Submission DEADLINE: November 1, 2016

    Remember that you can design for both the front and back! If your design is selected to be printed, you will win a FREE T-Shirt with your design and $100!!! The winning design would also be printed on T-shirts and made available for purchase (at cost). Students, faculty, and staff will vote on the winning design! (Note: Your design submission ideas may also be used in other Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry promotional materials!)

    Earn bragging rights and submit your awesome designs here!


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jeff (jrances@ucsd.edu) or Jeanine (jesun@ucsd.edu)!

    Good luck and happy summer (designing)!