Dining with Professionals (DWP – February 24th, 2018)

SASE UC San Diego is hosting their annual Dining with Professionals(DWP) event on February 24th, 2018! Dining with Professionals is an amazing opportunity where students can come dine with professionals from industry, research, and academia in the San Diego area. Here, students can learn more about their career passions and find out more beyond the surface of typical job descriptions and delve into the mind of an actual professional with a personal story.


SASE UC San Diego aims to give the best experience for students and professionals alike. Career fairs, although useful to network, only help so much in allowing students to understand what exactly certain job positions entail. Dining with Professionals was organized in hopes to bridge that knowledge gap and help students prepare themselves professionally. The event allows a more personal setting where students have a chance to network in conversations that are longer and more in-depth than one minute pitches. The atmosphere is different and allows a unique experience that cannot be easily found. Throughout the years, SASE UC San Diego has continually improved each iteration of DWP and take great pride in the positive impact DWP has on students and professionals all around.


Registrations will be open until February 11th! Go to this link to save your spot!


DWP flyer for Chem.png



Looking for advice on classes, undergraduate research, internships, and more? If so, join ChemPAL!

ChemPAL is a mentorship organization of UCSD Chemistry and Biochemistry that matches undergraduate students to graduate student mentors. You sign up on a quarterly basis, and throughout the academic term you will have several opportunities to meet with your mentor and other mentees in informal advising sessions. ChemPAL also offers workshops and networking events.

To sign up for Winter 2018, fill out the application (https://goo.gl/forms/SelDHqEPW48eLnjs2) by this Sat 1/27.



GPS Presents: “Careers at the Nexus of Science and Policy” – 1/26

Friday, January 26 — 1:00-2:00pm

UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy — Room 3106

“Careers at the Nexus of Science and Policy” brings together practitioners who work with both policy and science to discuss career opportunities for students. Panelists include:



MEDS 2018

Find registration links and information for the 2018 MEDS Conference at UC San Diego.

Priority registration for the 2018 MEDS Conference is now open!

General registration for the MEDS 2018 Conference will open on January 8, 2018!


Kobe University—UC San Diego 3rd Collaborative Symposium: Lipid Enzymes Role in Cancer and Degenerative Diseases

Monday, January 29, 2018, 10am-4pm

CNCB Large Conference Room, School of Medicine, UC San Diego

Complimentary lunch available with RSVP to dennisoffice@ucsd.edu by Jan 22nd

Please see attached for scientific program

Host: Edward A. Dennis

Questions: Milda Simonaitis, msimonaitis@ucsd.edu

Lab Expo 2018 – January 19th

Lab Expo 2018 will be held all day, January 19th, for more information, please visit the website:


During Lab Expo, researchers from around campus and off campus present their research to interested undergraduates.

The goal of our event is three-fold:

  1. Develop Scientific Literacy
  2. Promote Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  3. Encourage Scientific Advocacy

Lab Expo will be an excellent opportunity for graduate students to:

  1. Network – We will be showcasing research from a variety of departments and institutions, and wholeheartedly encourage interdisciplinary collaborations
  2. Recruit – Increase your lab’s visibility among undergraduates interested in research. If you would like to recruit undergraduates to work on side projects or help out with your research, Lab Expo is ideal!
  3. Practice – Since you’re only presenting to undergraduates, you can practice presenting your research in a low-stakes, relaxed setting.
  4. Inspire – We wholeheartedly share your enthusiasm for research; however, not all undergraduates are exposed to research. Share your passion for science and inspire the next generation of students!

Here is the link to the signup form, last day to sign up is December 31


Thank you for your interest in presenting! This form will allow us to sign you up for a poster shift and to send you updates as we approach the event Lab Expo is an annual research exposition aimed towards exposing undergraduates to the diverse and thriving research community at UCSD and enriching the community as a whole. Lab Expo’s mission is three-fold: develop scientific literacy, promote interdisciplinary collaboration, and encourage scientific advocacy. Lab Expo has been rapidly growing, with an attendance of over 500 undergraduates last year. This year the event will take place in PC Ballrooms East and West and will host multiple activities. We’d like to invite you to participate in our primary event: a poster session in PC West. By presenting at Lab Expo 2018, you will have the opportunity to interact with a broad range of students and discover research from a diversity of fields. In addition, the relaxed setting would be an excellent opportunity to practice and refine your presentation and networking skills and get feedback from others. In addition, there are two shifts available in order to make finding times that fit your schedule easier. Lab Expo will be an all-day event held JANUARY 19th


If you have any questions feel free to contact Arya Kaul (a1kaul@ucsd.edu) or Troy Hussain (tshussai@ucsd.edu).

Careers in the Humanities Workshops: UCSD Career Center – Jan 8-11

Join the Career Center for a week of career exploration!

Designed to provide concrete career information and advice to UC San Diego students within the arts and humanities majors and out, these exclusive workshops extend across four nights (Jan 8-11) with each focusing on a different career area: LAW, MEDICINE, FELLOWSHIPS, and ENTERTAINMENT/NEWS.

WORKSHOP AGENDA: Each workshop will feature a panel of industry professionals and admissions officers who will discuss their experience and the path to that career. The speakers will take questions from the attendees, and conclude with time for individual networking and one-on-one questions.

Complimentary catering will be provided. Students are encouraged to bring resumes and specific questions as appropriate for the networking and one-on-one time.

REGISTRATIONAdvance registration is REQUIRED for attendance. Space is restricted to allow for more individualized student attention. Events are for current UC San Diego students only.

TIME & LOCATION: 5:00-6:30PM | UC SAN DIEGO CAREER CENTER (MAP)* All events will be held at this time/location






Please RSVP here: https://ucsdcareer.eventbrite.com