NORAC Pharma Job Opportunity

Job Alert- Research Assistant, Matrix Sensors, Inc.

Job Posting- Lab Tech- Bar-Peled Lab at Harvard Medical School

The Bar-Peled Lab of Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center at Harvard Medical School is accepting applications for a Research Technician position. The laboratory studies the cellular response to altered metabolic states in multiple cancer models. Specific studies relate to discovering druggable vulnerabilities in genetically defined cancers and elucidating the mechanisms of reactive oxygen species in cancer growth using cutting edge chemical proteomic technologies. More about our research can be found at: or

Please send a cover letter, your CV and a list of three references to Dr. Liron Bar-Peled at

Dr. Bar-Peled seeks exceptionally motivated candidates who enjoy conducting research and involving themselves in the dynamic environment of the laboratory.  She or he will have the opportunity to become fully involved with all the steps of research being completed in our laboratory, often working directly with Dr. Bar-Peled, which will lead to numerous publications. Investigators in our laboratory will present at regular laboratory meetings and will be encouraged to attend talks conducted by scientists visiting the Harvard Medical School campus.  The experience gained in the lab will be very helpful for pursuing a career as a researcher or physician. Exceptional technicians may have a further opportunity to engage in their own primary research project. Salary is competitive with other institutions and affords comfortable living in the Boston/Cambridge/Charlestown area.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Prepares basic solutions and performs base-level procedures as assigned (i.e. – pipetting, cell and tissue culture, etc.)
  • Prepares proteomic samples
  • Conducts mammalian tissue culture experiments
  • Conducts molecular biology experiments (cloning, western blotting, etc..)
  • Maintains laboratory notebook
  • Understands and applies basic scientific techniques
  • Conducts analysis of results
  • Sets up and prepares routine experiments as directed
  • Prepares lab reagents, chemicals, instruments and equipment
  • Preforms independent literature searches
  • Assists with organizing materials for publication or presentation
  • Maintains and orders supplies

Job Requirements:

College degree with a preference in biology, molecular biology, chemistry, or biochemistry is preferred. Candidates with a strong computational background are also encouraged to apply. 1-3 years of research experience is required. The ideal candidate will be detail-oriented, organized, and able to work independently

MiraCosta College – STEM Positions

It is our pleasure to announce new permanent positions in the new Nordson STEM Learning Center at MiraCosta College. Attached are all the job details that you can pass out to recent graduates or those who may be working in your departments who are interested. At MiraCosta College our STEM center has been open for just over 1 year and focuses on science areas (Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, and Physical Sciences). We look forward to seeing some of your students or alumni applying for this opportunity. 


Drug Enforcement Administration – Physical Science Technician – JOB

Dear Chemistry/Biochemistry Majors,

Please see below for an exciting job opportunity to work as a Physical Science Technician in a DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) laboratory.

The incumbent will:

  • Apply the principles, procedures, requirements and work techniques of the full range of advanced testing methods, operations, instrumentation, and practices.
  • Interpret a variety of computer or instrument generated data.
  • Select appropriate instrumentation to obtain valid results based on field conditions and instrument responses.
  • Perform chemical separations using conventional techniques.
  • Use computer programs to analyze experimental data and prepare analytical reports.


Chicago, Illinois
Dallas, Texas
Largo, Maryland
Miami, Florida
New York, New York
Pleasanton, California
Vista, California
Quantico, Virginia


$39,707 to $57,015 per year (full-time)

Application Deadline
Wednesday, Sept. 5th, 2018

See details on qualifications and application requirements using the link below:

Job Opening- Play-Well TEKnologies

In our camps and classes, Play-Well’s part-time instructors teach STEM concepts to children in Kindergarten through 8th grade. That’s right–Play-Well instructors get paid to play with children and LEGO®! Our mission is to build curiosity in today’s future engineers, architects, and problem-solvers. Our Play-Well participants today will one day be your college students.

Our instructors expose children to the world of engineering by figuring out how things work while they create and play. They also gain valuable teaching experience building techniques in classroom management and communication, and have a blast doing it.

You can also learn more about our organization and access the job application online at:  San Diego Instructor Application 

MCAT Teaching Opportunity

Looking for a rewarding, flexible and lucrative part-time job that makes use of your knowledge and passion for chemistry? Consider applying to be an MCAT General or Organic Chemistry instructor for The Princeton Review, California’s leader in MCAT preparation.

As an MCAT GChem or OChem instructor, you will prepare classes of 15-25 undergrads for the chemistry topics covered on the MCAT. You don’t need to be a pre-med or have any prior experience with the test; we will train you in everything you need to know about MCAT content, test-taking strategy and how to adapt your knowledge to the specific type of students you’ll be serving.

General Chemistry Lecture Topics Include

Moles and Stoichiometry

Atomic Structure and Periodic Trends

Bonding and Intermolecular Forces


Phases and Gases

Kinetics, Equilibrium

Acids and Bases

Redox and Electrochemistry

Radioactive Decay

Organic Chemistry Lecture Topics Include

Structure and Stability

Separation Techniques and Spectroscopy

Carbonyl Chemistry

Biologically Important Molecules

We are hiring teachers to start in La Jolla (we offer courses right across the street from UCSD) in June and are looking for candidates who will continue to teach on a part-time basis, year-round, for at least the next year.


  • Bright, dynamic, and engaging personality
  • Possess or are currently pursuing a bachelor’s or advanced degree in chemistry or related field
  • Teaching or tutoring experience is preferred, but not required (TA, UGSI or on-campus tutoring is great)
  • Ability to understand and teach both content and test-taking strategy at a high level
  • Availability to consistently teach part time for TPR for at least the next year
  • Reliable means of transportation


Why Our Teachers Love What They Do

  • Meaningful, rewarding work helping aspiring doctors achieve their dreams
  • Flexible scheduling and hours
  • Plenty of opportunity for professional development
  • Competitive pay (starting wage depends on experience)
  • Thorough training and support
  • Excellent materials
  • They get to keep their undergraduate-level science skills sharp


How to Apply

Please start by completing an online application at the link below.

Click here to apply online!


We’ll then follow up with a three-part interview process for qualified applicants.

  1. Interview Part One: Phone interview
  2. Interview Part Two: Teaching Audition
  3. Interview Part Three: Qualifying Test


If all goes well, you’ll be admitted to our MCAT instructor training program in May, where you’ll learn about our curriculum as well as our teaching methods and philosophy. After this training, you’ll receive your Princeton Review certification and will start teaching classes in June.

I look forward to hearing from you soon! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at if you have any questions.



Mike Attia

West Region Teacher Recruiter

The Princeton Review