MedChem Speaker: Dr. Nick Carruthers

Dr. Nick Carruthers, Janssen Research & Development L.L.C. – “Discovery of Selective Orexin-2 Antagonists for the Treatment of Primary
Insomnia” – MedChem Symposium on July 17

Researchers from Gianneschi & Cohen Grou

Researchers from Gianneschi & Cohen Groups First to Image Nanostructure Formations in Real Time

If you are interested in being considere

If you are interested in being considered for employment at Lilly, we encourage you to review the following opportunity.

Research Scientist – Organic Chemistry – Discovery Research – Full Time
We are looking for recent or soon to be Ph.D. graduates or current postdoctoral fellows in the area of organic chemistry. A career at Lilly may include roles in lead generation or lead optimization in discovery research/medicinal chemistry.

1. Medicinal Chemistry
o Analyze data in multiple dimensions
o Formulate and test medicinal chemistry hypotheses
o Design and execute synthetic routes to target compounds
o Prepare material for biological, toxicological and pre-clinical evaluations
o Work with external partners for purification, synthesis, and analysis
o Lead a research lab
o Work across functional groups
2. Contribute to Lilly’s Research and Development Effectiveness
o Organize seminar series
o Encourage sharing different perspectives during technical discussions
o Generate new ideas or methods to resolve problems
o Reorganize or reinterpret existing data or information to develop new initiatives or different approach to problems
3. Employee Management and Development
o Mentor and coach direct reports
4. Growth in Scientific Community
o Participate in internal and external professional scientific activities.
o Build and maintain relationships with academic departments and research groups.
o Become a knowledge expert in selected areas
o Author scientific publications

David John Lee Selected as Recipient of

David John Lee Selected as Recipient of the President’s Dissertation Year Diversity Fellowship – Dissertation Year Fellowships are awarded to promising students in the final stages of their doctoral work who demonstrate strong potential for university teaching and research. Congratulations!

Erica Lennard Receives 2015 Employee of

Erica Lennard Receives 2015 Employee of the Year Award

Dr. Dale Boger, The Scripps Research Ins

Dr. Dale Boger, The Scripps Research Institute –
“Redesign of Vancomycin” – MedChem Symposium on July 17

Gianneschi Group Develops Bio-Inspired N

Gianneschi Group Develops Bio-Inspired Nano Materials That Produce Structural Colors