Invitation to Present at the Undergraduate Research Symposium (OURS)

The Online Undergraduate Research Symposium (OURS) is inviting undergraduates of all majors to present their work virtually! The OURS is replacing UC San Diego’s signature Undergraduate Research Conference and will be open to a more inclusive group of students with research experience. The OURS will go live on Thursday May 28, with two livestreamed events: an undergraduate round table discussion via Zoom, and the presentation of the annual Outstanding Mentor Award. Here are some details about the event:

  • Faculty nominations are not required; students may register and submit their presentations directly via the registration forms linked on the OURS website. They must, however, have at least one quarter of experience conducting research either through a recognized UC San Diego program (e.g. TRELS, Academic Internship Program, Independent Study 199, etc.) or with a faculty mentor.
  • Recently graduated students may submit presentations for consideration as long as they graduated no earlier than Fall 2019. Additionally, the findings students present must be from research they conducted as undergraduates between June 2019 and this Spring Quarter.
  • Presentations will be in the format of a 3-5 minute video “elevator pitch,” with the option to also submit a PDF poster or paper.
  • All video presentations will be posted publicly on a virtual forum for 1 month, after which they will become private and accessible only with a UC San Diego email address. We ask all students to confirm with their mentors that none of their presentations contain proprietary information.
  • The deadline to submit a presentation video is May 16.

For more details on how to apply, please visit our website. We look forward to your submissions!

Presenters Needed for the Sustainability Research Symposium

The ISC Sustainability Research Symposium is the first ever cross-disciplinary research symposium at UC San Diego to focus exclusively on issues related to sustainability.  From poster presentations to Green Labs outreach, the symposium will be packed full of opportunities for students and researchers to learn about sustainable research practices and current research efforts seeking to address issues like climate change, pollution, environmental degradation and more. For undergraduates and graduate students conducting research in those areas, we are currently seeking student presenters for a judged poster presentation contest that will take place on May 18th from 5-7 pm.

Abstract submission will be open until April 30th at 11:59 pm, and prizes will be awarded for outstanding poster presentations at the event.

TEFL Certificate Program

Are you interested in working, living, or teaching in Japan? Join us for an information session hosted by a Japanese recruiter on Monday, August 12 to learn more about “Careers in Japan.” The session is divided into two parts and topics include: work culture in Japan, teaching opportunities in Japan, and a one-on-one individual session with a Japanese professional. Please RSVP to reserve your seat. We hope you will attend this exciting event!

First-Gen Journeys

Polymer Engineering with Proteins and Peptides for Biomedicine 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018  3:00pm – 4:00pm (SME 248)

Polymer Engineering with Proteins and Peptides for Biomedicine 

Dr. Jonathan Pokorski

Associate Professor, Department of NanoEngineering.  University of California, San Diego

Abstract: Projects in the Pokorski lab will be described detailing work ranging from the macro-scale to the molecular scale. These projects utilize polymer processing and synthetic chemistry to fabricate or synthesize biologically relevant materials. One example, will describe melt-processing of several protein candidates and the effect on macromolecular structure and enzymatic activity of the processed proteins. The primary focus of this portion on the seminar will be a discussion of virus like nanoparticles (VLPs) derived from bacteriophage Qβ, which is a combinatorial vaccine platform. Melt processing conditions, physical models of processing, and biological data will be described in which Qβ is processed into slow-release depot delivery formulations. In another example, chemistry to form protein-polymer conjugates will be described. New methods to synthesize these materials are critical to the development of biopharmaceuticals, since polymer conjugation elicits extreme pharmacokinetic advantages. The current gold-standard, PEGylation, is outdated and potentially dangerous. This portion of the talk will describe ring-opening metathesis polymerization methods to develop the next-generation of protein-polymer conjugates. Lastly, I will briefly describe where the lab research is going at UCSD in the hopes of inspiring collaborative discussion!

Biosketch:  Professor Pokorski began his scientific career by earning his B.S. in biochemistry from UCLA in 2002. While at UCLA, he worked in private industry designing and testing biomedical devices that are currently in use globally. In 2007, Dr. Pokorski received his doctoral degree in organic chemistry from Northwestern University, where he designed, synthesized, and tested diverse peptidomimetic systems for use in medical diagnostics and therapeutics. Dr. Pokorski then moved to The Scripps Research Institute, where he used both chemical and genetic engineering of viral nanoparticles to synthesize novel drug delivery systems. During postdoctoral training, Dr. Pokorski first earned a NIH Ruth Kirschstein fellowship and later secured an NIH Pathway to Independence Award.Dr. Pokorski’s joined the faculty at Case Western Reserve university in the department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering in 2012 and recently moved to UCSD in the department of NanoEngineering. Pokorski’s laboratory works to bridge chemical synthesis, molecular biology, and materials science to make new materials for biomedical applications. The Pokorski lab is particularly interested in marrying protein and polymer science to generate new materials for drug delivery, imaging, and vaccination. Research in the Pokorski lab is funded through grants from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and the American Chemical Society. He has been awarded several prestigious awards, including a 2013 ACS PRF New Investigator Award and, in 2016, he was elected a Kavli Fellow.

Health Advocacy Presentation

Join us for an insightful presentation with Dr. Watanabe on the state of affordable medicine and healthcare.

Light refreshments provided while food supplies last!

Please RSVP to by Friday, May 25.Health Advocacy.jpg

Systems-to-Synthesis Meeting

The SDCSB’s Systems-To-Synthesis Meeting (Spring 2018)

Thursday, May 17, 2018
2:00 PM – 6:00 PM, including Happy Hour

UC San Diego, Medical Education & Telemedicine (MET) building, Rooms 141 & 143

The SDCSB’s Quarterly Systems-to-Synthesis Meeting (“Spring S2S”) will feature short talks and posters by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from labs throughout the SDCSB, followed by happy hour. All faculty members and trainees – graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, scientists and staff members – working on SDCSB-related projects are expected to attend.

This meeting is open to the public but seating is limited so please register early:

SDCSB S2S Spring 2018.jpg

Upcoming American Chemical Society Meeting at SDSU- April 18, 2018

San Diego ACS April meeting 2018

Ignite 2018 conference at UCSD – March 6-7

Join UC San Diego’s flagship innovation conference on March 6-7.  Get complimentary tickets with code JGSC100.

This year’s IGNITE provides attendees with an hour and a half break to give everyone time to visit with all of our wonderful exhibitors, providing you with more opportunities to make contact with the public.

The event also provides a possibility of gaining media coverage (see

With so many exciting presentations and conference elements attendance at this year’s event should top the 700+ entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders across the CaliBaja region who attended last year.

There will be a number of UCSD affiliated startups participating in the conference, plus some great hands-on workshops on March 7.

Register today at

Michael J. Jordan – Lecture

Invitation_MichaelJordan_Data Sci Distinguished Lecture Series.jpg